fly fishing photography

Kyle Zempel

Kyle Zempel is a photographer from Wisconsin, who was introduced to the sport of fly fishing at a very young age by his grandfathers on the numerous lakes of the region. He has developed his passion for photography and fly fishing simultaneously, taking courses at the university in Western Wisconsin and notes, “Photography has changed me; it has changed the way I perceive the world. When I put my eye to that viewfinder my whole world changes, I suddenly have to power to inspire and move people. I find it amazing how one photograph, a still image, can tell a story, it can come alive and speak to you. ”

See more of Kyle Zempel’s work at Flickr.

All images copyright © 2018 Kyle Zempel
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  • Nice photography Kyle. Is the brookie pic upside down?

  • Kyle Zempel

    Thank you! It is not but could be effectively displayed the other way

  • No Slime Slinger

    I really enjoyed several of the photos. Nice work. The rods on the rack are especially good.

  • Bart_hughes

    Beautiful work.  You captured well the color and patterns of that brook trout.

  • Zormsk

    Really like the variety in your images. Great eye!

    • Kyle

       Thanks Zormsk!

  • Pdeakin52

    kyle if you can fly fish like your photography your life must be very sweet.