fly fishing photography

John Juracek

John Juracek is a photographer and writer from West Yellowstone, Montana. For twenty years he was part owner of Blue Ribbon Flies, where he still works part-time during the summer. His minimalist photography has appeared in books, catalogs, and calendars. He also has published four books on fly fishing.

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All images copyright © 2018 John Juracek
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  • Cliff Rugg

    Truly  fine examples of John’s work. Leaves one feeling one is there amidst all that beauty.

  • Neil Carpenter

    Love your work! How do you define the term minimalist photography?

    • John Juracek

      I think of it as stripping a scene down to its essence, perhaps to the point where the meaning of the picture is ambiguous; it can be interpreted in more than one way.  Thanks for looking and commenting.


  • Pat

    Love John’s work. Can I buy some prints through Blue Ribbon? If not, where? tight lines. pat