fly fishing photography

Jessica McGlothlin

Jessica McGlothlin is a freelance photojournalist and writer.  She makes Montana home but is a wanderer at heart; her most recent adventure took her above the Arctic Circle on the Kola Peninsula in Russia for six weeks.  She’s now taken up residence in her Subaru and is enjoying the itinerant lifestyle.

She has written for a selection of publications, including American Cowboy, Cowboys & Indians, and The Big Sky Journal.  She is on the team at ChiWulff and has grown up around the fly fishing lifestyle.  Most of that involvement, however, has been on the photography/rowing side and she is now endeavoring to learn the art of the spey cast.

Jess is working on a relocation overseas in pursuit of new subjects to photograph and new fish to catch.

All images copyright © 2015 Jessica McGlothlin
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