fly fishing photography

Alex Landeen

“If you take a photo of something interesting, people will look at it. If you take a photo of something that is not interesting but do so in a creative way, people will look at it. Based on these observations, I can only assume that success will come to a photographer if that photographer can photograph interesting things in creative way. Sucking up to editors and owning a wide angle lens can also help.” Alex Landeen is a freelance photographer, writer and fly fisherman based in Arizona and is one of the hefty brethren at

All images copyright © 2018 Alex Landeen
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  • Rjwata

    Alex, great composition and interesting subjects, but I think you should tone down the HDR a bit so it’s a little more subtle.

    • Zormsk

      Don’t think it is actual HDR, as it would be difficult to get multiple exposures of the two images that most look like it was used. Of course, using a RAW file one could :create’ multiple exposures. Still, I would guess it is more likely an application of a Photoshop plug-in like Topaz Adjust which has several modes that can imitate an HDR look. 
      In any case, the effect does make the image appear more dramatic, and thus interesting.

    • Alex Landeen

      I completely understand what you are saying. As Zormsk deduced, the two images that he mentions are not HDR, nor were they combined versions of the same RAW file output. It is just a high pass filter trick that adds a little pop to the details and can sometimes simulates the edge glow that is generally present on what most people would think an HDR image looks like. I like to call this “fat sharpening”.

      I constantly find myself fighting with using this overdone style. It has it’s place I suppose, as do true HDR images where the files are bracketed in camera instead of faked later, but I do believe that it is overused and even abused these days but sometimes it is hard to break away from a process, like a bad habit in my workflow.

      Some images just ask for it, and it is up to me to set the limit on how much I want to give in.

      See the attached image. The bottom version is the original file, and the top is with the addition of the high pass filter.

  • Don Thompson

    Great vision!

    • Alex Landeen

       Appreciate that, Don. Thanks.