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Kelly Galloup

Talking Streamers with Kelly Galloup

Sex Dungeons. Butt Monkeys. Stacked Blondes. Barely Legals. Bodacious names aside, Kelly Galloup's flies have changed the face (and attitude) of modern fly fishing.  Read more.

Interview: Chico Fernandez on Cuba, Jazz, Fine Food and Fishing from Canoes

Chico Fernandez began saltwater fly fishing in Cuba in the 1950s. He is a renowned author and teacher of fly fishing. He talks with MidCurrent's Marshall Cutchin about fishing, fine food and music.  Read more.

“Remembering Woody”

Woody Sexton was a fixture in early Florida Keys angling, a man who probably did as much to establish "the code" of saltwater guiding as anyone.  Read more.