Tippets: Fishing Guyana with Oliver White, Travel Essentials

  • Oliver White has become a top personality in the fly fishing world. And it’s not something he’s always comfortable with, he tells Paul Kvinta. He also is passionate about catch-and-release fly fishing being a vehicle for economic development and sustainability. “It’s a novel idea, one more promising than many ecotourism ventures, and one that White wants to replicate around the world.” Read Kvinta’s recent piece about chasing arapaimas in the Guyanese jungle with White, via Men’s Journal.
  • From outerwear to electronics, Dave Karczynski outlines essentials to have in your fly fishing travel bag in a recent short post on Fly Rod & Reel.
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Swift Hooks Vokey

Swift has announced that April Vokey, noted fly fishing personality and business woman, has bought into the company as a shareholder and director. “April’s seemingly boundless enthusiasm, sincerity and positive energy are in perfect concert with our goals,” says Carl McNeil.

Read more in the press release below.

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Video Hatch: Power of the River

This adventure documentary features fly fishing, rafting and kayaking in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan, and the fight to keep the country’s mightiest river wild and free.
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Tippets: Fishing Runoff Season, Profile of Ed Shenk, Improve Your C&R Technique

  • To find success during runoff an angler must change up their game plan. From fly selection to reading high water, Doc Thompson outlines strategies for success in this recent article.
  • Now in his late-eighties, legendary Pennsylvania fly angler Ed Shenk still daydreams about being on the water. A recent article profiles Shenk’s contribution to the sport. “Perhaps the real significance of Ed Shenk lies not just in his expertise and many individual accomplishments, but as a carrier of the torch and a link between the founders of the limestone tradition and the next generation of fly-fishers,” writes Thomas E. Baltz in his book “The LeTort: A Limestone Legacy.” Read more from Jim Seip via York Daily Record.
  • Even as catch and release has become standard in the fly fishing world, there’s always room for improvement. Justin Pickett writes about the importance of keeping fish in water and revival techniques in this recent piece.
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Video Hatch: “Carp Lyfe”

Clearwater creeks of Australia are the perfect places to fly fish for carp, as shown in this film short from Bush Kraft Kollective.
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Tippets: Nolte on Hendricksons & History, “Catching Shadows” Book Excerpt

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Tippets: Bolivian Gold, Drone Fishing, Stealth Wading

  • “The conquistadors were right,” writes Sarah Grigg, “there is treasure hidden deep within the jungle.” Read her piece about fly fishing Bolivia for dorado and community-based conservation programs that are giving local communities a stake in the sustainability of their fisheries. Via Fly Fisherman.
  • Drones have been outlawed in some states for use when hunting, and the same concerns over ethics and fair-chase are on the horizons for fishing as well. This post from Gear Junkie highlights the issue.
  • Sound moves faster through water than air. And Jason Tucker writes great advice for stealth when wading. “Approach within casting distance and then stand STILL. This includes not shuffling your feet while you cast. Your success rate will go up, trust me.” Via Gink & Gasoline.
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Video Hatch: “That Three Seconds”

This short film captures the fleeting moment that anglers live for: when the fish eats the fly. Via Matt Disselkoen.
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Tippets: Native Trout Management in Glacier National Park, Apache Trout Facts, Fish Kill in Colorado, Ruling in Favor of Wild Salmon & Steelhead

  • Temperature-sensitive species like bull trout and westslope cutthroat trout face growing risks from climate change and non-native species. In Glacier National Park native trout are being moved to higher-elevation locales that were previously inaccessible to fish, allowing genetically pure populations to establish themselves free from the threat of non-native fish species and better insulated from rising temperatures. Via High Country News.
  • While Apache trout have made an impressive comeback in their native range in Arizona, they remain listed as “threatened” on the Endangered Species List. Learn more about this species, in the newest “Fish Facts” series on the Orvis blog.
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife reports that chemical runoff from a construction site produced a massive fish kill on the Lower North Fork Big Thompson and Big Thompson River in Colorado. The construction project is part of recovery from the September 2013 floods. Via The Denver Post.
  • Recently, the U.S. District court ruled in favor of wild salmon and steelhead, stating that the new management plan for the Columbia and Snake Rivers “violates the federal Endangered Species Act and additionally the National Environmental Policy Act.” Via Earth Justice.
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Video Hatch: “Kamchatka LOOP Cross SX”

This footage features great shots of fly fishing Kamchatka. Via TFF.
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