Tippets: Split Shot Tips, Removing Fish Hooks

  • When conditions call for split shot, frustrations can arise. However Domenick Swentosky writes about some easy products and techniques for making split shot stay in place throughout your time on the water. Via Troutbitten.
  • As Phil Monahan reminds, it’s a good thing to periodically refresh your memory on how to remove fish hooks from your skin, as it’s a skill every angler will most likely need at some point. Read Monahan’s tips in this article, and view a great video from Rod + Rivet.
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Bob White: Artist Profile

Artist Bob White’s work has been featured in Gray’s Sporting Journal, Pheasants Forever, and Shooting Sportsman among others. And in 2009 he was inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame. A recent profile highlights White’s life and work. “The images I create tend to be reflective in nature,” says White. “I endeavor to create images that reflect the small events that make up the day.” Via Growler Magazine.

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Tippets: Learning to Fly Fish in Chile, Packing Tips

  • “Eight thousand miles is a long way to go to catch a trout,” begins Richard Holledge. It’s also a long way to go to learn how to fly fish. But Holledge does both and writes about his travels to learn a new sport, via The New York Times.
  • From choosing flies to packing clothing layers, Kaitlin Groundwater of Madison Valley Ranch outlines five important things to consider before leaving on a fly fishing trip.
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Video Hatch: “Short Story About Fly Fishing”

This film is a beautiful meditation focused on a day on the water. Via Ninja Squad.
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Tippets: Soldier Fished to Feed Troops, Finding Pike and Muskellunge

  • The Telegraph reports on John Henry Hirst, a First World War soldier who braved bullets and bombs while catching fish for his fellow troops. “During the war he displayed remarkable courage. He was an incredibly brave man. Because he was such an obsessive and skillful angler he was excused from all other duties which enabled him to catch fish for the men to eat.”
  • Cool autumn weather is a great time to chase northern pike and muskellunge. In several videos from Orvis, “Tom Rosenbauer describes how these species move from season to season, and where anglers should look for them in rivers and lakes.”
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Video Hatch: “Kenai River 2016”

In this short film footage from fly fishing the Kenai River is accompanied by great jazz. Via Theronn King.
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Tippets: 58 Terms for Water, Tying the Hotwire Caddis

  • Covering everything from lochs and ghylls to bights and freshets, Meg Neal writes a guide to different terms for water from across the world. “Considering that humankind has from the very beginning subsisted on, resided near and built civilizations around water, it’s not too surprising that English and other languages are overflowing with terminology to describe the various forms aquatic geology.” Via Atlas Obscura.
  • In preparation for the tiny nymphs of winter, follow along with this instructional video for tying the hotwire caddis, via Postfly Box. “The Hotwire Caddis is the perfect fly for you to fool big trout all season long before your world freezes over.”
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Video Hatch: “Movember”

In this episode of Redington’s “Find Your Water” series anglers Paul and Adam swing flies in Montana’s less-advertised late season.
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Tippets: On Drift Boats, Whitaker Credits Vokey

  • If you’re in the market for a drift boat, don’t miss this advice from veteran angler Todd Tanner. From storage to material, and trusted companies to consider, read his article before you buy via Hatch Magazine.
  • Bill Whitaker credits a story he created on April Vokey for Showtime’s 60 Minutes Sports with clinching his full-time correspondent position. “April Vokey is the reason I’m sitting at this desk,” says Whitaker. A framed poster on his office wall has her quote from the 60 Minutes Sports piece: “Adventure may hurt you but monotony might kill you.” Via The Los Angeles Times.
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