Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing in The Bolivian Amazon”

In this short film from Backcountry, Ian and Neil Provo travel “up a tributary of the world’s largest river and into the depths of the Bolivian Amazon” to fly fish for Golden Dorado.
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Tippets: Low-Impact Permit Fishing, Mastering the Figure Eight Retrieve

  • In this article Ross Purnell writes about guide Lincoln Westby and his lifelong passion for and knowledge of permit, including his keen observation of permit behavior in response to pressure. “Through decades of firsthand observation, Westby realized that fishermen can modify the behavior of flats fish like permit merely by standing or walking in shallow water.” Via Fly Fisherman.
  • When performed well, figure eight retrieves can be both productive and fun. In this post on Gink & Gasoline, Kent Klewein outlines six tips for mastering this technique. “Although I’ve heard of anglers catching trout, striper and other species with a figure-eight retrieve,” writes Klewein, “musky by far, provide the highest success rate of all game fish for using it.”
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Tippets: The American Rivers Tour, Fishing Small Streamers

  • In “The American Rivers Tour” chef Colin Ambrose roams the country in his vintage camper, meeting “with top local fishing guides and guest chefs who share his passion for fishing and the lore of the river.” View and read about his most recent stop, the Henrys Fork in Idaho.
  • Fishing small streamers can be one of the best tactics for late autumn conditions. In this article, Phil Monahan writes about some of his top pattern choices, presenting “a great way to cover a lot of water and to attract some of the biggest trout of the year.” Via Orvis.
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Saving Thompson River Steelhead

This year, only 200 wild steelhead are expected to return to the Thompson River. “To think that human impact might forever erase these creatures from our planet is devastating,” writes Russell Miller. “Simply put, there is no place on earth like the Thompson and no fish that embody the fitness, size, and wild tendencies as these fish do. The decrease in numbers is derived from human impact and the gauntlet of nets that get strung up along the Fraser.” Read more about the Fraser on the Fishpond blog, and sign a petition here to help save the endangered Thompson steelhead.

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Tippets: Streamers for Small Waters, Handling Techniques for Bonefish

  • While we often match fly size to water and fish size, “It’s important to note that streamers aren’t just for big water,” writes Kent Klewein, “they can be equally effective on small to mid-size trout water as well.” Read more on fishing streamers in small water via Gink & Gasoline.
  • In this article, Bjorn Stromsness outlines the best (and worst) handling techniques for bonefish. “It really is about education and the more we spread the word and encourage other anglers to learn about how to do things right,” he writes. Via Bonefish on the Brain.
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Navigability of the Weber River Affirmed by Utah Supreme Court

The Utah Supreme Court has ruled in favor of public access, and affirmed that the beds and banks of the Weber River “where it crosses the property at issue in this case” should be open to public use.

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Tippets: Pikes Peak Women Anglers, Tips for Winter Water Safety

  • The Colorado Springs-based group Pikes Peak Women Anglers aims to help more women become interested in and succeed in a sport dominated by men. In this article, Seth Boster highlights the group’s achievements and goals for the future of fly fishing. Via The Denver Post.
  • From safety concerns for anglers and fish alike to fly size and indicators, don’t miss great tips for winter fly fishing from RepYourWater.
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Video Hatch: “Wyoming Wilderness”

This short film from Benjamin Kraushaar shows that sometimes a long hike in is worth the extra effort.
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Tippets: Video Footage of Aldo Leopold, River Kit Picks

  • Stephen Laubach, author of Living a Land Ethic, points to recently discovered video footage of Aldo Leopold. “Seeing Leopold triumphantly net a trout, cook up burned pancakes, and banter with his sons as they devoured their blackened breakfast allowed me to relate in new ways to a man I had come to revere,” Lauback writes. “Beyond the mental imagery painted by his lyrical writing, the movements and facial expressions captured on film humanized Leopold and bridged the generations that separated us.”
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, find great gear picks in this short post via Gear Patrol. From waders and socks to fly boxes and sunscreen, read more here.
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Happy Thanksgiving from MidCurrent

Humility, wonder, optimism, friendship.  Those are just a few of the things we think of when we recognize what fly fishing has given us during this season of thanks-giving.

The staff of MidCurrent hopes your holiday season begins with good company, great conversation, and fine fishing.

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