Tippets: Persistence of Pike, Fly Choice vs. Presentation, Tying the Steelhead Bugger

  • David Goodrich writes about fly fishing for pike in an inhospitable environment.  “We forget about what it takes to survive. Our buttons and knobs that complete simple tasks lead us to believe that a fish can be an annoyance, a nuisance.” Read more via Backcountry Fish Nerd.
  • In a short instructional video, Bill Spicer of The New Fly Fisher and Bryan Eldredge of Falcon’s Ledge discuss the relationship between fly choice and presentation. Learn more here.
  • A species-specific spin on the classic Woolly Bugger, the Steelhead Bugger “can imitate a stonefly, a leech or in the right color combos a crayfish. Change colors and sizes for different looks.” Learn how to tie the pattern from Fly Fish the Mitt. Via Franken Fly.
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Fly Fisherman’s 2017 Conservationist of the Year

Fly Fisherman magazine has opened the call for nominations for their 2017 Conservationist of the Year award. The award honors an individual whose volunteer work has significantly impacted the protection or enhancement of important fisheries habitat in the previous year.

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Video Hatch: “From Timber to Tide”

This short film documents the work of Ben Harris, a traditional wooden boat builder based in Cornwall, UK. Via Pixillion.
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Tippets: No-hackle Dries, Kreh on Tenkara, Photographs of Adrienne Comeau

  • For a change from classic deer hair dry flies try out a CDC wing BWO, “that presents a crisp body profile and a convincing wing profile to the hungry trout.” View the pattern and tying instructions via Rakkenes.
  • At last summer’s International Fly Tackle Dealer Show, Tom Sadler sat down with Lefty Kreh to talk about the growing interest in the tenkara technique. “I think eventually a lot of people that get into tenkara are going to find there is more to it than catching fish and decide ‘I’m going to become a fly fisherman’.” Read more on Hatch Magazine.
  • Adrienne Comeau, a fly fishing guide, photographer and instructor for Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness and Lodge, shares her favorite fly fishing scenes and photographs in a recent article on Explore B.C.
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Conservation Hawks Releases New Angling Film

Conservation Hawks has announced that its that its angling film, CHROME, will appear in the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour. The film features respected anglers Tom Rosenbauer, Dylan Tomine, Hannah Belford, Kate Taylor, Tim Romano, and Todd Tanner sharing their thoughts on angling and climate change.

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How to Tie a Griffith’s Gnat Emerger

The Griffith’s Gnat Emerger is the featured pattern in this week’s fly tying video.  As tier and videographer Tim Flagler says, “It may look more complex than a standard Griffith’s Gnat but I actually find it easier to tie. I really like how it can be skittered on the water’s surface to imitate a midge natural.”

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Tippets: Tying the Flat Fred, Interview with Oliver White

  • Charlie Craven features Charlie Bisharat’s Flat Fred Fly in a recent instructional in Fly Fisherman. “Lying flat on the surface, the Flat Fred imitates a dying or crippled baitfish twitching and twerking at the surface,” Craven explains, “and there’s not a fish in the world that will pass up that kind of easy meal.”
  • Globe-trotting angler Oliver White takes time out for an interview on Vagabond Fly. From favorite gear to confronting rumors, read the interview in its entirety here.
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Video Hatch: “Water is Life”

This short film from Castaway Films shows the unique culture and waters of Zambia. Now touring with the 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour.
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Tippets: Fishing Eddies, State Fish, International Trout Congress

  • While most anglers look for pools, riffles, and runs for where fish hold, eddies can be productive as well, writes Alan Bulmer. Read more on tactics for effectively fishing swirling eddies, via Active Angling New Zealand.
  • Each U.S. state has its own bird, flower and song to reflect heritage, culture, landscape and wildlife. They also have an official fish. Learn what species represents your state via Wide Open Spaces.
  • The International Trout Congress is set to hold the first annual World of Trout Congress October 2-6, 2016 in Bozeman, MT, and has announced their call for symposia, workshops and pre-conference training courses. Find more information here.
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Video Hatch: “The Art of Fly Fishing”

A short documentary from Jay Boyington features the impact of fly fishing on a young angler’s life.
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