How to Tie a Solomon Hairwing Caddis

Matt Grobert demonstrates the steps for tying a ginger version of the Solomon Hairwing Caddis in this week’s featured tying video.  “If you like,” says videographer Tim Flagler, “trim the lower hackle fibers flush with the underside of the body to get the fly to ride right in the surface film. The Solomon Hairwing Caddis is a nice, easy pattern to tie that also is extremely versatile.”

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Tippets: Peace on the River, Low-Light Photography

  • After years serving as in the army explosives corps, veteran Eric Way found peace on Colorado’s rivers working as a fly fishing guide. This article by Natalie Burg tells Way’s story. Via Forbes.
  • Low-light situations are often the best for shooting photographs but are also some of the most difficult to work in. “That is to say that like low water, there just isn’t much of it. Those early morning and late evening shots are beautiful but challenging.” Read tips from Louis Cahill on getting sharper photos in low light, via Gink & Gasoline.
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Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing the Savannah River”

In this film short Nick Duke offers up beautiful footage of fly fishing for smallmouth bass on the Savannah River.
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Tippets: Record Carp Caught in West Virginia, How to Fight Fish

  • Angler Laken Fleming is awaiting word on her possible new International Game Fish Association world record for a 33-inch, 14.25-pound common carp caught at Stonewall Jackson Lake in West Virginia. “I have fought sharks in the Bahamas and Belize, but I had yet to fight a fish in the U.S. that fought as hard as this carp did,” Laken said. Via Connect Bridgeport News.
  • Species and environment affect how you play a fish and knowing how to leverage your fly rod can greatly work to your advantage. Ross Purnell details different tactics and techniques for a diverse array of situations in this article via Fly Fisherman. “This is one of fly fishing’s age-old conundrums. When you hook a fish, do you keep your rod tip up or down? The answer to that question is, of course, “it depends.””
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Mora National Fish Hatchery’s 2016 Gila Trout Spawning Season Ends on High Note

The Mora National Fish Hatchery reports a successful year for the 2016 spawning of Gila trout, with an increase in stocking planned. “Fishery managers in New Mexico and Arizona have identified 20 streams suitable for Gila trout stocking this year. This is up from nine water bodies from last year,” says hatchery manager Nathan Wiese.

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Video Hatch: “King of the Flats”

This film features the spectacular salt flats of New Zealand’s South Island. Via Aussie Fly Fisher.
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Tippets: Study Finds Fish Recognize Faces, Gear for Olympic Steelhead

  • New research published in the journal Scientific Reports reveals that archerfish can tell a familiar human face from dozens of new faces with surprising accuracy. For more information, read this interview with Dr. Cait Newport, a research fellow in Oxford University’s zoology department and co-author of the study, via CNN.
  • From insulation and outerwear to spey rod and pack, this recent article from Jonah Ogles outlines the gear you’ll need for chasing Washington steelhead. “Your gear should stand up to a day in the river and be light enough for the hike in,” advises Ogles. Via Outside Magazine.
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Video Hatch: “The Sorcerer: Vol. 1”

This new film from Jazz & Fly Fishing follows the search for the mysterious arctic char.
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2016 Fly Fishing Show Prize Winners

A host of prizes were given away during the 2016 Fly Fishing Show tour. Robert Gigon was the grand prize winner at the Somerset show, winning a nine day trip to Turneffe Flats, El Pescador Lodge and Belize River Lodge in Belize. 

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Tippets: Reconnecting Rivers, Lake Michigan’s King Salmon, How Dams are Removed, Young Fish and Microbeads

  • Stemming from the famous sentence penned by Norman Maclean, Jeff Opperman writes about the importance of free-flowing rivers. “A better phrase may be: and fish still run through it. For if the fish are moving through that means your river remains connected to the rest of the landscape, up and down. It captures whether a river is all it once was or, more importantly, all that it could be.” Via National Geographic.
  • Over the past few years, population of king salmon in Lake Michigan have drastically decreased. “While invasive species like the zebra and quagga mussel have diminished the food supply for King Salmon, a large part of the population decline was by design.” This piece by Phil Schwarz examines the issue via ABC News.
  • Removing a dam is more complicated than just blowing it up. A recent piece on American Rivers examines how dams are removed. “The truth is that, when it comes to dam removal and river restoration, explosives are used only on rare occasions and largely to help dismantle the structure and make excavation easier.”
  • New research has discovered that larval fish eat plastic microbeads, often found in soaps and hair products, which stunts their growth and makes them more vulnerable to predators. The study is published in the journal Science.
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