Tippets: McGlothlin on the South Pacific, Swinging for Steelhead

  • Bjorn Stromsness interviews Jess McGlothlin about her recent fishing expedition to the South Pacific. From photo shoots to fishing salt flats, don’t miss the engaging conversation via Bonefish on the Brain.
  • In a recent article Dave Karczynski writes about one of fishing’s best combinations: steelhead and the swung fly. He outlines casting, presentation, hook sets and flies via Outdoor Life.
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IFF Fly Tying Video Library

The International Federation of Fly Fishers Fly Tying Group has put together an extensive Fly Tying Video Library. The library  can be searched by Category (Cold Water, Salt Water, Technique and Warm Water) or by Sub Category (Trout, Salmon/Steelhead, Bluegill/Crappie, Bass, Bonefish/Permit, Redfish/Speckled Trout and Other) or by Fly Name, and is a great resource for beginner or advanced tiers alike.

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Tippets: Streamer Chronicles with Kelly Galloup, Travel on the Cheap

  • The patterns and work of Kelly Galloup are featured in Episode 2 of “Streamer Chronicles” from Fly Fishing the Ozarks. Galloup’s fly designs include the Sex Dungeon, Zoo Cougar, Stacked Blonde, Nancy P, and many more articulated streamer patterns.
  • Great fishing adventures often involve travel, which can be expensive. But Louis Cahill offers great tips for destination fishing within budget in this recent article on Gink & Gasoline.
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Video Hatch: “Refuge”

This short film from Fly Out TV features a great escape from the chaos of “24-hour news, social media, celebrity culture, smart phones, and political jib-jab.” Enjoy the scenes from Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
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Tippets: New Flash for Old Flies, Roof-Top Tents

  • We all have old flies in our box.  Justin Pickett writes a great article on how to give those old patterns new life. “It’s a lot of fun to experiment with patterns while sitting at the tying bench, but it can be equally as fun to search through a pile of unwanted flies and create ways to make them better, or at least more attractive.” Via Gink & Gasoline.
  • An article in Popular Mechanics highlights the top brands and models of roof-top tents, which are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience. Before your next extended fly fishing trip, check these out.
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Tippets: Pebble Mine Contamination Review, Snake River Dams, Preference in Choosing Mates

  • An independent scientific report commissioned by the United Tribes of Bristol Bay revealed on-going contamination, including failure to properly close and reclaim past drill wells, by the company behind the proposed Pebble Mine. “Pebble has broken rules and promises in Bristol Bay for over a decade.  Without oversight, they will be free to continue with business as usual,” says Alannah Hurley, Executive Director of United Tribes of Bristol Bay.  Via Alaska Native News.
  • As transportation of goods has increasingly moved from shipping to rail, demand has grown to remove dams on the Snake River and restore its dwindling salmon population. “Removing the dams would allow those agricultural lands to prosper again,” writes Rebecca Bowe. “It would also save wild salmon by opening up more than 5,000 miles of natural habitat, and it would set in motion the largest watershed restoration project ever attempted.” Via Earth Justice.
  • New research from the University of Leicester shows female fish judge males based on their ability to design nests best suited for the conditions of their environment. And “The research team found that males change the design of their nests depending on the oxygen content of the water—making looser nests under low-oxygen conditions and more compact nests when oxygen increases.” Via Phys.org.
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Video Hatch: “The Land of Endless Days”

This short film from Luc Malbois features the amazing fish and landscape of Iceland.
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Tippets: Pattern vs. Presentation, High Country Brook Trout

  • Pattern vs. presentation is an age-old debate among fly anglers and it merits serious thought, writes Domenick Swentosky, because it’s true “that trout will eat anything, but sometimes they eat another thing better.” Read more via Troutbitten.
  • In a recent article, Ed Engle writes about searching for late-season small stream trout in the Colorado highcountry, where with perseverance some brookies were found. “It looked like a bust and, besides, the crowds of leaf peepers were freaking us out, so we headed to another drainage.” Via The Daily Camera.
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Tippets: Abel Reels Moves to Colorado, Sun Protection, Two Sides of Anglers

  • As of this fall 2016, Abel Reels is located in Colorado. To mark the occasion Abel is releasing a “Colorado” reel finish featuring the iconic Colorado flag, silhouetted against the San Juan Mountain range.
  • Spending time on the water also means spending time in the sun. Mike Sepelak pens an important article about protecting yourself from harmful UV rays via Hatch Magazine.
  • Each angler has two sides, writes Domenick Swentosky, “one that simply enjoys being on the water (hoping to catch a fish), and the other that desperately wants to know how to put more fish in the net.” Read how these two characteristics interact and depend on each other for a good day on the water. Via Troutbitten.
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How to Tie a Peg’s Midge

The Peg’s Midge is featured in this week’s fly tying video.  As Tim Flagler notes, ” at this time of year, often what appear to be emerger rises are actually trout taking adult midges on the water’s surface. Trout get their top jaw just barely out of the water for only a split second to take the adult midge. It can be very difficult to see this with the naked eye.”  The Peg’s Midge is a perfect choice for imitating those tiny flies that appear in late fall.

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