Video Hatch: “Salad Days: Vol.4”

This short film from Bloodknots features beautiful footage of days on the water.
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Tippets: Nymphs vs. Swing, Fish of Wisconsin

  • Anglers have strong opinions on the correct way to fish for steelhead. In a recent article Dave Stewart of Wet Fly Swing writes about the differences (benefits and drawbacks) of nymphing vs. swinging for steelhead.
  • Kandis Elliot, emerita senior artist in the Department of Botany at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, is creating posters featuring life-size illustrations of every fish species in the state. “The idea behind the posters is to create a splash,” Elliot says. “There is a wow factor. We want people, especially kids, to have an awareness of all our fishes, not just hook-and-line species.”
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Tippets: Oregon Dam Removal, Mining Wastewater Spills Into Animas River, Pollution Spurs Evolution

  • Two of the most problematic dams for fish in Oregon rivers are slated for removal. Read more about the demolition of the Wimer and Fielder Dams, via Oregon Public Broadcasting.
  • Approximately three-million gallons of wastewater has accidentally been released from the Gold King Mine near Silverton, Colorado, into the Animas River. Jonathan Thompson writes about the contamination and history of mining issues in the area, via High Country News.
  • Hatcheries were originally meant to help conserve and protect fish species. However, it’s now questioned whether they are doing more harm than good. Read more about the flip side of hatcheries, via Alastair Bland at Comstock’s Magazine.
  • New research shows that human activities—particularly pollution in the environment—can spur rapid evolution and adaptability in complex life-forms, including trout. However, “the metal-tolerating trout may not be well suited to future change as they lack the broader genetic repertoire needed to cope with new and unexpected challenges,” says research lead Jamie Stevens. Via Scientific American.
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Project Bay Bones Survey

The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and Florida International University have partnered to create “Project Bay Bones,” which will investigate the health of South Florida bonefish populations and habitat. In part, through angler experience and survey data.

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Video Hatch: “The Making of a Marlin: Costa Sunglasses and Washed Ashore”

Costa’s “Kick Plastic” campaign aims to educate consumers about the growing problem of trash in the oceans. This film features a sculpture of a jumping marlin made entirely out of washed up beach trash, commissioned by Costa to further awareness. Continue reading

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Video Hatch: “SKWALA”

This video features the great early spring hatches of Western Montana. Via PMD Productions.
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Tippets: Windy Casts, Summer Catch & Release, Family River Trips

  • From loop size, line speed and line plane, watch a recent video from Bumcast and Swift Fly Fishing on improving techniques for casting into the wind.
  • Proper handling techniques are especially important in summer months, which have warmer, less-oxygenated water, making recovery harder for fish. Read important tips for catch and release techniques, via The Fishing Wire.
  • While the miles covered might be shorter, river trips with kids in tow can be a great time for the whole family. Read strategies for a successful float via Steven Brutger on Stalking the Seam.
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Tippets: Teaching Kids to Fish, Carp Colors

  • Getting kids fishing and then holding their interest can be difficult. Paul Fersen has three good tips for how to make sure kids enjoy their time out on the water.
  • Noticing subtle differences in the coloring of carp can offer hints to how they feed and improve your success on the water. “Bright carp seem to cruise and hunt more often while their dark cousins spend much of their time mudding around in silty areas.” Read more from Third Coast Fly.
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The Legend of Lefty

Now ninety years old, Lefty Kreh is a legend in the world of fly fishing.  His popularity derives from everything from his famous “Deceiver” to his innovative casting stroke to his generosity. Read more about his life and development in the sport, in a recent article by Monte Burke in Garden & Gun Magazine.

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Yellowstone Hiker Killed by Grizzly

The National Parks Service says a preliminary investigation shows that a hiker near the Elephant Back Loop Trail, near Lake Village, was killed by a grizzly bear on Friday afternoon.  The short Elephant Back Loop is known for being an area favored by grizzlies and is sometimes closed because of bear activity.  The hiker was a Montana man and an experienced hiker who worked for urgent-care clinics in the park.

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