How to Tie a Kinder, Gentler Mop Fly

Tim Flagler perfects his imitation of a cranefly larva with what he calls a Kinder, Gentler Mop Fly. It’s a fun pattern to tie, and Tim shows off some pretty fancy thread work, including tips on how to split thread to hold dubbing in place.

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Tippets: Rethinking Wet Flies, How to Fish with Indicators

  • Wet flies might be considered “classic” patterns but are still effective for 21st century trout, writes Scott Sanchez. “Wet flies are a fun and effective way to fish, and a great link to the gilded age of fly fishing. Tie a few in their original form or tweak it into your own creation with adapted materials.” Read more via American Angler.
  • In the recently released fifth episode of RIO’s “How To” series, Russ Miller shows how to fish a nymph & indicator rig in a river, demonstrating the gear to use, how to rig it, and how to get the longest, most efficient drag-free drifts to maximize fishing efficiency.
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Video Hatch: “It’s Why We Fish”

This short film features the journey to explore an unknown tarpon fishery. Persevering through days of no fish and intense weather, the group finds “that Tarpon fishing has parallels to life and is about more than just the catch.
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Tippets: Anglers’ Voice on Public Lands, Casting Large Flies

  • An Obama-era order, the BLM’s “Planning 2.0 rule,” gave anglers and other outdoor recreationists an equal voice with drillers, ranchers, loggers, and other industrial interests regarding how the government manages over 250 million acres of federal lands. As Emily J. Gertz writes, Congress is “racing to nullify” that order. Read more via Men’s Journal.
  • Casting large flies, even with a rod up to the task, is not an easy endeavor. In this recent instructional film from Orvis, watch some tips and tricks that can help you get your fly out to where fish are feeding.
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Video Hatch: “Way of the Fish”

This short film features the beauty of swinging flies in a Northern BC autumn. Via Chromer Fishing.
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Tippets: Interview with Brian O’Keefe, Early Spring Nymphs

  • One of the world’s top fly fishing photographers, Brian O’Keefe, sits down for an interview with Jimmy Langman in Patagon Journal.Personally, I have never considered photography a career or job. I call it a hobby out of control.” Read more here.
  • The warming weather of spring makes anglers eager to get out on the water. John Way of The Tackle Shop offers great advice on the best nymph patters for late winter and early spring fishing conditions. Via Orvis.
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Video Hatch: “Generations”

This short film looks at the coming together of multiple generations of anglers on the Bighorn River. Via Bighorn Angler Fly Shop.
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Tippets: Getting Kids Fishing, Choosing Tying Scissors

  • “Success here boils down to knowing what to do, keeping the pressure off and above all else, lots and lots of patience.” Read five key steps to keeping kids interested and engaged from Ben Duchesney via Postfly Box.
  • In a recent Q&A video segment, Kelly Galloup of Galloup’s Slide Inn tackles what to look for in choosing tying scissors and demonstrates a technique for keeping scissors in your hand while tying. Via FrankenFly.
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From the Invasive Species Action Network: Being a Clean Angler is More Important Than Ever

The Invasive Species Action Network reminds anglers to be vigilant with “Clean, Drain, Dry” practices to protect against invasive species.

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Tippets: Clean Water Rule Rollback, Future of the Pebble Mine, ‘Namgis First Nation and Wild Salmon, Mine Proposed on Chuitna River

  • President Trump’s attempts to roll back the Clean Water Rule, removing protections for small streams and wetlands, is bad news for anglers and fish. The only good news, writes Monte Burke, is “the process of rolling back this rule could take many years.” via Forbes.
  • With a change in presidential administrations, the Pebble Mine returned with a promising future. Tim Sohn writes about the issue in detail in the article “Alaska’s Pebble Mine and the Legend of Trump’s Gold” via The New Yorker. “Even if the E.P.A. stands down and a major investor comes on board, the mine still faces a daunting level of local activism and opposition.”
  • BC’s ‘Namgis First Nation is an indigenous Canadian community that has historically relied on subsistence fishing and sees farmed salmon as an existential threat. Hannah Griffin reports on the future for the ‘Namgis First Nation and wild salmon via Vice.
  • PacRim, a Texas-based coal mining operation, has proposed a massive open-pit mining operation that would go directly through the Chuitna River watershed in Alaska. Justin Housman outlines the threat via Adventure Journal.
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