Tippets: Bonefishing is No Picnic, Bass Bugging for Trout

  • From South Andros Island, Jon Gluck writes about the frustration and fun of bonefishing. After a blown cast, “My ugly failure elicited a blue streak from our guide,” Gluck writes. “Was it anger? Disbelief? Sorrow? I know I was feeling all of those things. That’s bonefishing.” Via Bloomberg Business.
  • Thinking outside the box can lead to great days of fishing. In this essay, William G. Tapply writes about using deer-hair bass bugs for trout. An idea that “should have occurred to me a hundred times over the years,” he writes. “The fact that it never had reveals the power of the conventional wisdom on the differences between bass and trout.” Read more via Orvis.
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The Fly Fishing Show Appoints New President and CEO

Ben Furimsky has been announced as new president and CEO of the The Fly Fishing Show. Ben will take over the work from his father, Chuck Furimsky, who will continue his role as director.

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Video Hatch: “56”

This film highlights the aesthetics of fishing for seabass in Brittany, France. Via 9p#5 Média.
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Tippets: Fantasy Flies, Interview with Filmmaker Todd Moen, Tie-Fast Knot Tool

  • As fantasy sports teams are assembled, Kirk Deeter turns the conversation to fly fishing and his own fantasy fly box. Read his picks and choose your own, via Fly Talk, Field & Stream.
  • Todd Moen, co-founder of Catch Magazine and the magazine’s T-Motion Theater, travels the world shooting amazing anglers and species in amazing locales, and recently took some time for an interview on the Orvis blog.
  • Line-to-leader connections can be a time-consuming chore on the water. Learn how to use a Tie-Fast Knot Tool to make changing leaders more efficient in this instructional video from FlyMasters Indianapolis, via Franken Fly.
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How to Tie a Perfection Loop

Tim Flagler departs from his regular fly pattern schedule this week to show How to Tie a Perfection Loop.   The Perfection Loop is most commonly used in butt sections and leaders to make for easy loop-to-loop connections, but it can also be used to attachflies, particularly streamers that benefit from a wide range of motion.

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Tippets: Trophy Flies, Seven Essential Knots

  • Angling has moved from mounted trophy fish to trophy photos, and Justin Pickett writes about another way to “keep” memorable catches: the fly. “Next time you catch that trophy bass, fish the most epic mayfly hatch ever, or spend a memorable weekend fishing with family or friends, try saving some of the flies,” he writes. “Aside from stories and photos, it’s a great way to memorialize the good times that you’ve had on the water.”
  • From the clinch to perfection loop knot, Gary Borger outlines seven core knots for every angler, accompanied by detailed videos with tying instructions for each. Via Hatch Magazine.
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Bonefish & Tarpon Trust Announces New Executive Director

Jim McDuffie has been announced as new Executive Director of The Bonefish & Tarpon Trust. McDuffie brings over 25 years of experience in the non-profit sector, including with The Nature Conservancy.

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Vedavoo Raffles Hand-Painted Packs for PHW

Vedavoo has announced an annual raffle of hand-built and hand-painted packs, with proceeds going to benefit Project Healing Waters.

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Jess McGlothlin Joins AFFTA as Communications Director

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has announced Jess McGlothlin as communications director. “I’m thrilled to be joining AFFTA at this exciting time,” McGlothlin notes. “Our industry is undergoing significant change, and there is an opportunity for the fly-fishing community as a whole to emerge stronger and more intelligent than ever.”

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Video Hatch: “Healing Waters”

The third installment of “The Legacy Project,” features PHWFF Founder and President Ed Nicholson. The film shows how nature can heal wounds and how just one person can start something big.
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