Profile of Norman Maclean

The June 1981 issue of Esquire featured a piece by Pete Dexter profiling Norman Maclean. With care, keen observation and humor, Dexter writes about a great teacher, author and angler in his element: his cabin on the banks of Seeley Lake in Montana. Read the piece in its entirety, recently re-published on The Daily Beast.

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How to Tie the Peacock and Partridge

The Peacock and Partridge is one of those ancient patterns combines a soft hackle style with simple construction to produce an all-purpose fly that can be fished multiple ways. Tier Tim Flagler updates his version with modern materials, and notes: “Using just a few materials, it’s easy to tie and it could represent a whole slew of aquatic insects in various stages of life, anything from a cased caddis to a crippled mayfly dun.”

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Suspense Trumps a Sure Thing

Fishing is full of unpredictable days, and quantity and quality don’t always line up. In a recent piece in The New York Times, journalist Adam Clymer writes about two such days: fishing for salmon on the Miramichi in New Brunswick, and for pike and carp in the Rhone River in France. And how “suspense trumps a sure thing.”

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Video Hatch: “BHA Salute to Fly Fishing Icon and Conservationist”

World War II veteran Frank Moore reflects on a memorable fishing moment in this short film from Backcountry Hunters & Anglers.

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Cuba: The Last Frontier

The relationship between the United States and Cuba has always been complicated and interconnected, and new research suggests their fisheries are intertwined as well. Monte Burke writes about new conservation work on the horizon in Cuba through the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, as well as the fly fishing opportunities presented by the newly opened waters. “Cuba appears to be the “last, best place,” the frontier that represents some sort of terminus for flyfishing’s own form of manifest destiny,” writes Burke. Read more via Forbes.

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Video Hatch: “Yellowstone by Moonlight”

Over a span of two years, photographer and cinematographer Christopher Cauble captured time-lapse video of Yellowstone National Park under a night sky. This short film presents some of his footage.

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Tippets: Sight Fishing in Muddy Waters, Buying Online

  • Fly fishing for carp is often dependent on sight. However, the turbid waters of spring runoff can make matters difficult. In a recent post on Fly Carpin’, Trevor Tanner offers some suggestions for catching carp in muddy waters.
  • Online sales continue to increase, and Kirk Deeter examines a sector of that market he predicts to grow: flies. “It isn’t a matter of ‘if,’ or ‘how.’,” he writes. “It’s now about “how much” and “who.” Read more via Field & Stream.
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Mark Knee Memorial

Mark Knee’s passion for the outdoors and conservation was evident through his work as a fly fishing and upland bird hunting guide at Schmidt Outfitters and wildlife biologist with the Michigan DNR. Tragically, Mark passed away this week after a skiing accident, and the sport lost a great member of its community. Schmidt Outfitters remembers their good friend with this online post, and a memorial site with tributes, photo gallery, and area to donate to Mark’s family has been created in his honor.

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Video Hatch: “Wild Fish Works: Oregon Coast”

This film from Russ Schnitzer and Alan Moore highlights the connection of wild salmon and steelhead to anglers, cultures, local communities and economies.

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World’s Oldest Fly Fishing Manuscript for Sale

The oldest fly fishing book discovered to date will be offered for sale by Maggs Bros of London, at the New York Antiquarian Book Fair, April 9-12th.

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