Tippets: Spring Trout Flies, Ponoi River Photo Essay

  • In some parts of the country winter is finally giving way to early spring fishing conditions, and this article by Morgan Mason outlines the best wet and dry flies for fishing the high and off-color water of spring. Via Gear Junkie.
  • Photojournalist Jess McGlothlin spent time fishing the Ponoi River on Russia’s Kola Peninsula. She reflects on her time there in this recent photo essay, “Vodka Memories,” in Life Force Magazine. “In the end, it’s what these sights and sounds and colors represented that remains—the silver flash of a salmon with sea lice; the rich, brown wood of an abandoned Sami hut; the clear blue sky where the sun never set; and the pinks and oranges and golds of an Arctic sky.”
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Tippets: Right Brain Retrieve Podcast, Effective Steelhead Presentations

  • A new podcast kicked off this week. “Right Brain Retrieve,” hosted by Paul Puckett, is described as a “confluence of fly fishing, music, and art,” and you can listen to the first of hopefully many episodes via Soundcloud or iTunes.
  • As a steelhead guide, John Larison has had many opportunities to watch the success of different ways of presenting flies to steelhead. In this recent article he writes “the story of three fish and the lessons those fish revealed to me about effectively presenting flies to steelhead.” Via Fly Fisherman.
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Video Hatch: “The Ozernaya”

This short film from Rolf Nylinder features beautiful footage of fly fishing the Ozernaya River in Kamchatka, Russia.

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Orvis Announces 2018 Matching Grants

The Orvis Company has announced the recipients of its annual Customer Matching Conservation Grant program. The two organizations are Trout Unlimited and The Everglades Foundation.

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Tippets: Saving Rivers and Oceans, Joe Welbourn of Bullsugar Talks Everglades, Wilderness Fishing Mecca

  • To save the oceans, we must first concentrate on cleaning up rivers. “Most of us learned this stuff about rivers flowing to the sea in grade school,”writes Gary Wockner. “We learned about the water cycle that replenishes and repeats itself. That is, unless we dam and pollute the rivers, truncating the water cycle and interrupting the cycle of life.” Read more via Adventure Journal.
  • In a recent episode of The Venturing Angler Podcast, Joe Welbourn of Bullsugar.org discusses the ecological crisis in the Florida Everglades. Listen to the conversation at The Venturing Angler website or in iTunes.
  • Pat Marcuson is known among anglers for his work in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. “The fisheries scientist devoted around 180 days a year from 1967-82 to surveying and hydrographing 989 lakes,” writes Rich Landers. “The resulting trout management plan he drew up continues to provide one of the country’s standout backcountry fishing experiences.” Via The Spokesman-Review.
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Tippets: Women’s Flyfishing Under New Ownership, Trout & Salmon Pocket Guide

  • Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf has owned and operated Women’s Flyfishing, an Alaska Guide Service, for thirty-one years. Recently she sold the business to Linda Leary, owner of FisheWear. The business will continue with a slight change to Women’s Flyfishing, Alaska, LLC. “Pudge wants to thank all of her many clients for their patronage and support.”
  • A new folding pocket guide, Trout & Salmon of North America, is a great resource for beginning anglers or anglers unfamiliar with North American salmonids. The guide published by Waterford Press is beautifully illustrated with information on 37 of the most sought-after trout and salmon species.
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Tippets: Reading Trout Water, Fishing for Muskies with Blane Chocklett

  • Learning to read water can greatly improve your success on the water. “Trout don’t hold in every water type,” writes Domenick Swentosky. “And wherever they’re holding they’re not always feeding. A certain percentage of the river is unproductive, and of course, that varies with different seasons and conditions.” Via Troutbitten.
  • In this recent article Oliver White writes about catching his first muskie while on the water with guide Blane Chocklett, who has learned about this species in a way few others have. “It was a brain-stretching two days of fishing, and I left with a level of understanding and admiration I didn’t expect,” writes White. Muskies “are toothy freshwater giants, but they are also finicky and test the limits of patience for most fly fishers. Via Fly Fisherman.
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Tippets: Fly Tying Video Library, Tips for Tailwater Trout

  • Fly Fishers International has created and released an extensive Fly Tying Library filled with high quality instructional videos. “The library can be searched by Category (Cold Water, Salt Water, Technique and Warm Water) or by Sub Category (Trout, Salmon/Steelhead, Bluegill/Crappie, Bass, Bonefish/Permit, Redfish/Speckled Trout and Other) or by Fly Name.”
  • Winter doesn’t mean the end to your fishing season, but it does usually mean a change in locations to find open water. In this article Kyle Wilkinson details four proven ways to catch more winter tailwater trout. Via Gink & Gasoline.
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Smythe named AFFTA Communications Director

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has announced that Matt Smythe will join their team as communications director.

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Tippets: Choosing the Right Weight, Casting Across and Fly-Fishing Culture

  • When nymphing or fishing streamers, “there are three options for weight,” writes Domenick Swentosky, “just the right amount, overweight or underweight.” In this article he outlines situations where each would be your best bet on the water. Via Troutbitten.
  • In this recent podcast episode, Matthew Lourdeau discusses his love for brook trout and his inspiration for writing his blog, Casting Across: The Quarry and Culture of Fly Fishing, because “fly fishing is more than just catching fish.” Via The Fly Fishing Consultant.
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