Tippets: The Road to Tenkara, Salmon Farming, Tight Lining

  • Led by the difficulty of guiding new and inexperienced anglers, Tom Sadler discovered the simplicity of Tenkara. He writes about his journey to the ancient Japanese method in a recent post on Middle River Dispatches.
  • The Canadian federal government is expected to make announcements of regulations that would continue to allow fish farms to use the ocean floor. This runs contrary to science and is being fiercely criticized by environmentalists and wild fish advocates. Via The Commonsense Canadian.
  • The transition from using a strike indicator to tight-line nymphing can be a difficult one. However, Ed Engle has some suggestions to make the process easier and more successful, too.
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OWAA Submits Filming Comments to U.S. Forest Service

The Outdoor Writers Association of America has submitted comments and suggestions to the U.S. Forest Service regarding the proposed directive for regulating commercial filming in wilderness areas.

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Fishless Ocean?

An international team of ecologists and economists predict that by 2048, unless we change our current course, the world’s oceans will be devoid of fish. The sobering data reflects impacts from overfishing, pollution, habitat loss, and climate change. However, “It’s not too late. We can turn this around,” says Boris Worm, PhD, lead researcher of the study. “But less than 1% of the global ocean is effectively protected right now.” Via CBS News.

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In Memoriam: Christmas Island Guide Teannaki Kaiboboki

One of the first full-time guides in Kiribati, legendary Christmas Island fly fishing guide Teannaki Kaiboboki has unexpectedly passed away.

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Tippets: Guide Communication, Shorebird Population Control, Surprise Snook

  • Fresh from the saltwater flats of Belize, Phil Monahan shares a short instructional film from Tom Rosenbauer on tips for effectively communicating with fly fishing guides when out on the water.
  • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plans to kill some 60,000 shorebirds near East Sand Island at the mouth of the Columbia River in Oregon. The birds, including Caspian terns and double-breasted cormorants, are eating too many salmon and steelhead smolts, say scientists. This conservation strategy of ‘lethal control’ (killing one species to save another), is drawing fierce criticism, some of it focused on the hydroelectric dams on the river that have altered fish migration. Via National Geographic.
  • Chris Hunt writes about his “Ahab moment” and the surprise of redemption in a recent piece in Hatch Magazine.
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Video Hatch: Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna on Fly

JD Filmalter hightlights fly fishing for bluefin tuna off of the coast of France near Perpignan in this short film. Continue reading

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Tippets: Tying Tips, Hydropower Boom, Stripping Streamers

  • David Goodrich of Tumbleweed Fly & Tackle Company presents some tricks for working with peacock herl, in an instructional video for tying the “San Juan Devil.”
  • While the United States and Europe are transitioning away from hydropower dams, developing countries are experiencing a dam-building boom. A new tool called the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol provides a framework for construction and evaluating its impact on the environment. Via The New York Times.
  • To imitate swimming prey with streamers, vary your stripping speed, advises Ben Kryzinski. Small, “mini-strips,” in particular can be very effective. Via Hatch Magazine.
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The Story of Steelhead

Inspired by the new Wild Steelhead Initiative from Trout Unlimited, Matthew Copeland writes about the allure and meaning of steelhead. “The steelhead’s story is our story. At least we like to think so,” he writes. “The call, separation, challenge, discovery, transformation, return.” Read more of his piece on Stalking the Seam.

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Video Hatch: “Dialed”

View some nice footage of beautiful water and big trout in this short film from Pacific Extremes.

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Tippets: Gift Guide, Judge Halts Process on Pebble, Safe Trailering

  • From tying supplies to water purification systems, Joe Cermele and Kirk Deeter present a 30-item gear gift guide for anglers. Via Field & Stream.
  • Alaska Public Media reports that U.S. District Court Judge H. Russel Holland has issued a preliminary injunction temporarily halting the EPA’s 404(c) process on the Pebble Mine.
  • Hauling a trailer and boat can be difficult and dangerous. In a recent article on Angler’s Tonic, Greg Thomas lays out some points for successful and safe trailering.
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