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How to Tie the Davy Knot and Double Davy Knot

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

The Davy knot was invented by Davy Wotton. It’s easy to tie, very strong, wastes little tippet material and, perhaps most importantly, is extremely small.

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  • WTI

    Great knot, well done! I will begin using this know on the stream for dries, I’ll continue to use a Perfection Loop for streamers & poppers, but this is simple and strong, even with the double version for larger dries like a Hex!

  • WTI

    One more advantage of this knot – if you invert the hook, it ends up on the top of the hook making it almost completely invisible from below to the fish!

  • Gene

    I have quite a bit of experience with both the Davy and the Double Davy and I would add one word of caution. It is usually impossible to tighten the Davy knot when using fluorocarbon in 4X or lighter. It depends on the ratio of the fluorocarbon diameter to the hook eye thickness.

    • sonatona10

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  • Mass fisher

    Tried this knot today. It was great. Easy to tie, no slippage and minimal tippet loss.

  • Jack Marshall

    Great knots. Just remember, neither knot stays strong if the diameter of the wire in the hook eye is too much larger than the diameter of the tippet material.