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Video: Native Watercraft “Slayer” Kayak


At the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Woody Calloway and Shane Benedict introduce the newest offering from Native Watercraft: The Slayer. Among the many design features include a rail system (for bungees, rod mounts, or GoPro cameras), foam-covered … more

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Quick Tip: Using Aquaseal for Quick and Easy Raft Repair


Everyone knows that you can use Aquaseal to repair waders in the field, but have you ever thought about it for fixing a damaged raft? I’ve always been afraid of the big multi-chemical and material patch kit my boat repair … more

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Behind the Scenes: Boulder Boat Works Polymer Hull Drift Boats


The tool wall you see here is just one of many at the Boulder Boat Works “skunk works” just north of Boulder, Colorado. The gents at the workshop there manufacture drift boats out of marine grade, U.V.-protected, VHMW-PE plastic. That’s … more

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Video: Fly Fishing from a SUP


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with kayak-fishing guru David Hadden of Freedom Hawk Kayaks about his new Stand Up Paddle board the Predator and how it was different for fishing than other SUPs. David told … more

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The “Big Tuna,” Jackson’s Newest Tandem Fishing Kayak


Jackson Kayak has once again teamed up with professional kayak angler pioneer Drew Gregory to announce the release of their newest fishing kayak, the Big Tuna – a solo or tandem fishing vessel. This is the third fishing kayak that … more

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2012 Biscayne Newest Skiff Offering from Hell’s Bay


After one year plus of “real world” development in the Florida Keys, Hell’s Bay Boatworks has introduced the new, redesigned Biscayne. This 16–foot V bottom skiff was designed to handle the rigors of rough, open water crossings and the company … more

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Creek Company Unveils Frameless Fishing Craft


Colorado-based Creek Company celebrates its 25th anniversary with the introduction of a newly designed personal fishing vessel—the Voyager Frameless Pontoon—that is half the size and weight of anything in its class. The innovation advances access to and enjoyment of fishing … more

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New Fishing Kayak From Wilderness Systems


Wilderness Systems Kayaks are unveiling the Ride 115 Angler for spring 2012 and claim it’s the first kayak under 12 feet long that you can actually comfortably stand in, which could bode well for fly anglers. Being relatively short it … more

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Boulder Boat Works and Yeti Coolers

Boulder Boat Works, makers of polymer-hull driftboats, have improved upon their latest boat—the Convertible River Taxi—by adding one of the toughest coolers on the market to the options list. BBW now offers a 120-quart or 75-quart Yeti cooler on all … more

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Videos: Fly Fishing with Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs)

From the looks of the videos, fly fishing from stand up paddle boards has one thing in common with professional women’s beach volleyball: buff bodies and tiny bikinis.  Is it enough to generate support for televised tournaments?   Who knows? … more

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