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Patagonia Stormfront Roll Top Pack


I’ve owned the Patagonia Stormfront Zippered backpack for over ten years now and I can confidently say it’s the best backpack I’ve ever used for both fishing and photography. It’s bombproof, 100% waterproof, and remarkably comfortable for a pack with … more

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First Glance: Smithfly Digi Pouch


What’s this? A fishing company that has made a product specifically for photography?  That’s right., Smithfly, makers of the modular packs, bags, waist packs and belts, has added the Digi Pouch to their expanding line of quality products that are … more

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Video: First Look at Patagonia’s 2014 Stormfront Backpack


Mark Harbaugh of Patagonia walks us through the 2014 changes to one of the all-time greatest waterproof backpacks ever built, the Patagonia Stormfront backpack. This year’s model has a roll top and new material, and links in with the rest … more

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Video: Vedavoo Day Pack and Tablet Messenger


Scott Hunter of Vedavoo shows off his latest and greatest for the fly fishing community, the Vedavoo Day Pack and the Tablet Messenger.

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Video: Patagonia’s 2014 Hybrid Pack Vest


Patagonia’s Mark Harbaugh explains the newest addition the the company’s line of vests. Patagonia is just one of a few select companies that still make vests, and their 2014 model is one of the more unique offerings we’ve seen in … more

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Video: The Right Way to Wear a Sling Pack


There are a number of fishing companies out there that are making “sling packs” for fly fishing. The problem I’ve noticed is that for a first-time user they can be a bit confusing to put on correctly, no matter the … more

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Umpqua Launches New Vests

Following on spring’s successful release of their new packs and bags lines, Umpqua Feather Merchants has announced the addition of two vests to the lineup. The Toketee and Swiftwater Tech Vests will be available November 2013. Read more in the … more

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Video: Patagonia’s Stormfont Pack Sling


Mark Harbaugh from Patagonia delves into the details on the newest piece for 2014 in their Stormfront Line, called Stormfront Pack Sling. The completely waterproof sling retails for $199.

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Video: What’s In Your Boat Bag?

Andy Toohey, owner of Boulder Boat Works, shares with us what he typically carries in his Famous 2500 Umpqua boat bag for a typical summer day while fishing from one of his polymer boats.

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Video: What’s In Your bag?


MidCurrent is starting a new video series here in our gear section called “What’s In Your bag?” Over the next fishing season MidCurrent sits down with the industry’s notable figures, random anglers, guides, and fishing bums and asks them what’s in … more

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