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Video: ARC Fly Fishing Lines


Travis Thompson, Co-founder of ARC Fishing, gives MidCurrent an overview of the new company’s fly lines, which bring some innovative features not found with many other lines–things like variable compression zones that maximize performance of individual segments of the line, … more

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Western Rise Apparel to Launch March 2015

Western Rise​​​​​​​​​​, a new fly fishing apparel company, will launch its first product catalog in March 2015. Developed and designed by ​fly​ fishing guides, ski instructors, mountain ​bikers, climbers​ and hikers​​, Western Rise apparel aims to be true to the … more

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Video: Buff USA Pro Series Stripping Guards

Matt Crawford explains the Pro Series Stripping Guards from Buff USA. “Don’t let burns or line cuts shorten your time on the water,” says Buff. Designed to glide smoothly over your fingers, Fly Line Stripping Guards eliminate stripping cuts and … more

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Quick Tip: Winter Boat Storage


If you’re like me and don’t have an extra garage laying around, or want to pay for indoor storage space you’re relegated to protecting your raft or drift-boat all winter long outside. There are quite a few tips for prepping … more

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Howler Brothers Launches Spring 2015 Collection


Throughout the new Howler Brothers 2015 Spring collection there are two resounding themes:  “Dawn Patrol” and “Constellations.” Dawn Patrol, symbolized by the rooster, harkens to early morning sessions of surf, getting out on the water before anybody else, getting that fix … more

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Gear Review: Patagonia Men’s Long-Sleeve Cayo Largo Shirt

Gear reviewer Robert Morselli says “no more plastic” in a plea to fishing shirt manufacturers.  Fortunately, the Patagonia Cayo Largo shirt already offers a comfortable, high-tech option for those who agree that synthetics are over-used in warm-weather apparel.  Read his … more

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Quick Tip: Use Adhesive Sheet Magnets for Quick Fly Storage


Need a quick and easy solution for quick fly storage in your garage, boat, or car? Adhesive sheet magnets work wonders. No, they are not the most organized way to do things, but they are perfect for quick stowage during … more

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Quick Tip: Always Secure Your Boat Anchor


The car you see above is mine.  It was t-boned in an intersection about a mile from my house from a driver who’d gone through a red light.  I was also towing a recently refurbished wooden drift boat, which sadly … more

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Video: Patagonia’s “Foot Tractor” Wading Boot


In this video, Bill Klyn of Patagonia goes in-depth on the company’s revamped version of their high-end wading boot, the “foot tractor”. What the company says about their newest boot: “Here’s the problem: Steel studs, cleats or screw heads are … more

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Douglas Outdoors: Every Fish is a Big Fish

Douglas Outdoors brings together minimalism and high-functional in its new series of Upstream Fly Rods. The Upstream rods will be available in four difference sizes, beginning in April 2015. Read more in the press release below.

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