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Patagonia Launches All New Line of Fishing Waders for Spring 2016

Patagonia has announced the release of new lines of waders for men and women. The six new styles, ranging from a lightweight wading pant to a highly versatile front zip, will be available in Spring 2016. Read more in the … more

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Monic Fly Lines Launches New Consumer-Centric Website

Monic Fly Lines, based in Boulder, Colorado, has announced the launch of their newly-designed website. Read more in the press release below.

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Monic Fly Lines Issues New Logo, “Hex” Packaging, and All-Weather Product Line

Colorado-based Flow Tek, Inc. has announced the re-release of Monic Fly Lines, with redesigned logo, look, packaging, and product line. The new products feature updated polymers that make up the fly line coatings and are engineered for both cold and … more

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Avedon & Colby Introduce Signature Field Pants

Avedon & Colby have announced the release of a new lightweight field pant. “Every performance feature and construction detail we design into our garments is vetted by asking: ‘How will it function in the field’ and ‘Will it make this … more

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Video: Sage Bolt Series Fly Rods


Jerry Siem, long time buggy whip developer over at Sage Fly Fishing, gives MidCurrent the scoop on the new BOLT series of rods. As the company says, “The ultra-fast action of the BOLT makes high line speeds and tight loops easier, … more

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Video: Hardy Zephrus Saltwater Series Fly Rods


Howard Croston goes deep on detail about Hardy’s one- and four-piece Zephrus salt water fly rods, new for 2016.

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Stream Map USA Southeast Edition from Gogal Publishing

Gogal Publishing has announced the release of the Southeast Edition of their Stream Map USA GPS mapping system. It includes complete stream map coverage of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. Read more in … more

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Video: Updated Click Series Fly Reels from Sage


Jesse Robbins, product developer for Sage Fly Fishing, goes through the ins and outs of the updated Click Series of reels from the company.

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Video: Outcast Sporting Gear OSG Striker Inflatable Frameless Raft


Chris Callanan of Outcast Sporting Gear covers the basics of the company’s new 102-pound frameless fishing raft that will be available in 2016, the OSG Striker.

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UMPQUA Launches Zero Sweep Product Line


Umpqua Feather Merchants has announced their new Zero Sweep™ line of packs, bags, and vests. Through 2016, a portion of proceeds from Zero Sweep products will go to benefit Discover Courage.

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