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Video: Precision Travel Werx Atlas 8 Travel Trailer


Precision Travel Werks Atlas 8 trailer holds 73 cubic feet of stuff—gear for camping, fishing, boating, etc…. It’s meant to be towed by smaller cars and/or trucks and can even expand into your own personal fishing base camp. Alex Strickland … more

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Umpqua Introduces New Leader and Tippet

Following improvement and integrating new technologies into the leader and tippet offerings, Umpqua Feather Merchants has also released new packaging design for these selections. Read more in the press release below. Umpqua Introduces New Leader and Tippet From Umpqua: Over … more

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RIO Products Expands Offerings in the Scandi Line Category

RIO Products has announced two additions to its spey line category: the RIO Scandi and Scandi VersiTip. Both lines utilize RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology for increased control and sensitivity when casting. Read more in the press release below. RIO … more

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Video: Sage Evoke Series Fly Reels


Kara Armano explains one of the newest offerings from Sage, the Evoke Reel. It comes in two sizes, 8 and 10, has an open frame design for suitable for palming for bigger species, a large drag knob, a sealed carbon … more

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Quick Tip: Use Rock Salt to Lower the Temperature of your Cooler


Okay, this might be a stretch seeing as it’s late February and this is a tip about using rock salt to make your portable cooler lower in temperature. But a guy can dream about the hot summer months, can’t he? … more

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First Glance: Grayl Filtration Cup


I rarely if ever bring water with me on back-country fishing adventures any more. Instead I bring some type of filter or filter bottle. Technology in this realm has gotten so good and so light there’s simply no reason to … more

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New Costa Sunglasses for Women

Among the 2014 line up of new styles from Costa Sunglasses are three styles designed specifically for women: the Isla, Blenny and Goby. All feature Costa’s patented 580™ 100 percent polarized lens technology. Read more in the press release below. … more

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First Glance: DeLORME inReach SE Satellite Communicator


A couple of months ago I gave a little review of the Spot Generation 3 “personal locator beacon”, which I like quite a bit due to its smaller size relative to predecessors. It’s a solid unit that works as advertised. … more

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Video: Smith ChromaPop Lenses Explained


I’ll admit it, I’m a total sunglass snob and pretty much only wear glass lenses for their high quality and abrasion resistance. I have, however, been wearing a new pair of Smith ChromaPop “plastic” lenses and am amazed by their … more

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Quick Tip: Use Archery Fletching Powder to Dry Your Flies


I’ve got a little secret for you. You know that ten-dollar, two-ounce bottle of “Shake and Bake” you put on your dry flies to keep them riding a little higher? That stuff is expensive. Like really, really expensive! While convenient … more

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