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Video: New Trout Tippet and Leader Technology from RIO


The ever gracious Simon Gawesworth took some time at this year’s industry trade show to tell MidCurrent why the newest trout tippets and leaders from RIO Products are much much stronger than they used to be.

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Video: ARC Fishing Fluorocoat Fly Tippet


Co-founder of ARC Fishing company, Travis Thompson, talks about their new line-up of tippets, specifically their Fluorocoat product and why it’s different. ARC Fluorocoat is a fluorocarbon-coated nylon tippet. The process pairs the strength and suppleness of nylon with the … more

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First Glance: Strike Foundry Coiled Sighter


I have to admit I’m not much of a nymphing kinda of guy. I just don’t enjoy it that much. That is unless I get super techy with it and utilize some of the tricks my Euro-nymping friends have taught … more

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Umpqua Introduces New Leader and Tippet

Following improvement and integrating new technologies into the leader and tippet offerings, Umpqua Feather Merchants has also released new packaging design for these selections. Read more in the press release below.

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New From RIO: Suppleflex Trout Leaders

Designed for the highest level of precision and presentation, RIO has announced their new Suppleflex series of trout leaders. Made of the soft, knotless nylon, which allows for a natural drift, Suppleflex trout leaders are available now and retail for … more

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Quick Tip: Use Your Hat as a Fly Rig Keeper


How many times have you been out fishing with a dry-dropper, double nymph or streamer rig (dirty I know) and had to switch back and forth throughout the day?  There’s an easy solution for keeping your previous rig all set … more

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Video: How and Why to Tie the Triple Figure-Eight Knot


Oliver White explains why streamer aficionados and anglers who use loop-to-loop knots with heavier pieces of mono or fluoro should consider using the Triple Figure-Eight knot.

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RIO Products Win Awards

This year RIO has proved the mettle of their products, winning numerous awards during the 2012 season, including: the most world records in the fly tippet category from the International Game Fish Association, “Best New Fly Line” by the European … more

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Fly Gear for Landing Massive Lake Trout


Ever daydream about catching a 40-inch, 25-30lb trout on a fly? Now’s the time if you live anywhere near a large body of water with big lake trout in it. Don’t think about rolling up with your typical trout rod and … more

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RIO Brings New Powerflex Trout Leaders to Market for 2012


RIO’s new Powerflex Trout leaders are manufactured to precise tolerances using the latest technology and materials. Made with the most advanced and modern copolymers, these leaders have an unsurpassed tensile and knot strength and have an ideal blend of stretch … more

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