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The Quittman Special: The Real Story

Scott Bowen isn’t actually an investigative reporter for MidCurrent. He’s a writer, editor, and novelist who lives in Bucks County, PA. He is also the author of the short story collection, The Midnight Fish.

And while we remain convinced that the right fly will outfish any hardware when it comes to largemouth bass, there is no Quittman Special. At the time this article was written, George Perry’s bass record still stood. Neither the IGFA nor any other person, periodical or organization mentioned in this article was involved in any way with this story.

We made it all up.

Our special thanks go to Dave Sellers, who drew the Quittman Special illustration for this story.

And if you’d like to read more about the George Perry largemouth bass record, we heartily recommend Monte Burke’s Sowbelly: The Obsessive Quest for the World-Record Largemouth Bass, a highly entertaining and well-paced tale about “what we humans will do, what we will gain and what we are willing to sacrifice, in attempting to reach a goal.”

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  • wulff

    lmfao u had me so convinced but im firm believer that tweaking a fly sometimes gives u a edge good story

  • Artist1354

    Ha!  Priceless gentlemen, simply priceless.  Best fish story I’ve ever read and maybe the best I’ll ever hear.  You had me thinking old Bryant Earl was a one-of-a-kind honorable angler, and a good ol’ country boy to boot.

    Thanks for the read and the belly laugh.

  • weldeer

    Excellent story gentleman, but not so far from the truth about the greed of a man even if it is, friends or family. I find that there are still, many fisherman out there who posess this, honorable quality of “keeping a secret.” I find myself in the same situation at times when I have a great day on the water and someone asks, “what are they biting on?” You give them a smile and out of know where you do the unthinkable…….you “LIE”. Good fishing everyone…