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How to Tie the Tungsten Torpedo

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Studios

“Kevin Compton of Performance Flies came up with the Tungsten Torpedo a few years back. Since then it’s become a staple of competitive fly fishermen and with good reason: it works.  What makes the fly work so well is that it looks so much like natural food, yet sinks like a stone. ”

Matt Grobert demonstrates how to tie the fly, starting with a size 12 hook fitting with a 3.2 mm tungsten bead.

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  • Doug

    I detest seeing the word competitive and fly fishing in the same sentence. I feel sorry for anyone who feels they are competing when they fly fish. Immersing oneself in nature while fly fishing and the word competition are antithetical to each other.

    Fly fishing and a river should not be where one goes to compete.

    • Tightline

      Doug, you of course are not alone in your opinion of competitive fly fishing, even the slightest mention of it gets some people up in arms. But, it might not always be what you think it is. We shot the video below at a competition in PA last week and the whole vibe of the event was just fantastic. Anglers, over a wide range of ages and backgrounds getting together, exchanging ideas and stories and basically having a relaxed and fun day. Yes, a winner of the event was declared at the end, but I can assure you, everyone enjoyed the river, nature and the company.

      For me, the best part of it is how competitive angling is drawing the younger crowd into our sport, something that has been needed for a very long time.

      Just my opinion

    • sonatona10

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