Fly Fishing Books

The Bug Book
A Fly Fisher's Guide to Trout Stream Insects

by Paul Weamer
Complete guide to aquatic entomology for fly fishers, covering all the important insects and their imitations for the entire United States.

The Tug is the Drug
30 Essays from the NYT and Beyond

by Chris Santella
These thirty pieces take readers from leaping makos near the fairways of Torrey Pines to midnight Atlantic salmon fishing on the fabled Ponoi to encounters with very friendly mujeres on the streets of Havana.

In the Company of Trout
True Stories, Ruminations, and Vermont Guidance

by Peter Shea
True stories, observations, and descriptions of favorite places, techniques, and flies provide a rich and lighthearted look at trout fishing in all its glory—and absurdity.

Long Trail Trout
Backcountry Fly Fishing Adventures from Vermont to Montana

by Peter Shea
Join author and adventurer Peter Shea on some of the most exciting backcountry fly-fishing trips one can take. Essential reading for anyone planning a fly-fishing trip off the grid.
Lee Spencer: A Temporary Refuge

Book Excerpt: A Temporary Refuge

Wild summer steelhead, an anadromous variety of rainbow trout, have a complex life cycle that passes through at least seven life stages.  Read more.
Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass

Interview: Lefty Kreh on a Lifetime of Smallmouth Fishing

Dave Karczynski speaks with Lefty about what he's learned from a long life spent chasing the bronze bass.  Read more.
Fly Fishing Saltwater Wading


"Theoretically, you should feel safer when saltwater fishing with your feet on firm land, but that’s not always the case."  Read more.