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Quick Glance: ThermaCELL Remote Control Heated Insoles


I’ll fish in the rain and wind of fall, through hail storms, and in 32 degree temps on a flats boat in New Orleans, but for the most part I’m a fair weather angler, and when it starts to snow … more

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Video: New Technology from RIO Products for 2014


Simon Gawesworth of RIO Products talks about the new technology in their 2014 fly lines.

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First Glance, SPOT Generation 3 “Personal Locator Beacon”


If you travel to fish, hire guides in remote locales, hike deep into the wilderness, use a boat, or do simple solo fishing adventures, you ought to be aware of an inexpensive “personal locator beacon” called a SPOT . It … more

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Video: New Orvis Superfine Glass Rods


Orvis product developer Shawn Combs gives us the skinny on on the newest series of fly rods from the company: Superfine Glass.

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Podcast Interview: Andrew Bennett Talks Eddie Bauer


Fly fishing industry veteran Andrew Bennett talks to MidCurrent about consulting for the venerable brand Eddie Bauer on their new “Sport Shop” line of fly fishing gear that’s slated for unveiling for the spring of 2014.  He talks about the … more

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Video: Redington’s Super Dry Fly Waders


Kara Armano walks us through the 2014 line up of Redington’s new Super Dry Fly Waders and their Cocona technology.

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Video: Glass Rod Test – What an Atlantic Salmon on a Three-Weight Looks Like


Orvis plans on unveiling a new crop of superfine glass rods soon. More on that later…. In the interim we tried to break a prototype. Earlier this summer Shawn “Puffy” Combs, product designer at Orvis – showed MidCurrent and a … more

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Video: How to Remove a Fish Hook at 1500 Frames a Second


Michael Chilton of says that if you fish long enough, you’re bound to get hooked.  I must have fished long enough, because I’ve done it a number of times, and not always to myself—once I put a streamer hook … more

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Video: True Flies Safety Harbor Raincoat


“Blue,” the product designer over at True Flies clothing, gives MidCurrent an in-depth look at the design philosophy behind the 2014 Safety Harbor Raincoat, which retails for $299

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Video: Simms Acklins Rain Jacket


Rich Hohne of Simms Fishing Products gives us the inside skinny on the new Acklins Jacket from the fly fishing industry trade show earlier this year. The jacket, which won best outerwear at the new product showcase, retails for $349.95

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