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Video: Scientific Anglers UST Lines


Andrew Bosway, research and development manager at Scientific Anglers talks to MidCurrent about the company’s newest lines in the two-handed department, their UST or Ultimate Scandi Taper fly lines. The lines are all meant for Scandi-style shooting lines, cover a … more

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Podcast Interview: Simon Gawesworth of RIO Products

This week MidCurrent had the pleasure of chatting with uber-caster and one of the industry’s nicest people, Simon Gawesworth. Simon is the brand manager for RIO Products, and aside from dogging our praise for his casting ability he chatted with us … more

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Video: Cortland Trout Boss HTx


Joe Goodspeed from the Cortland Line Company gives MidCurrent the skinny on the company’s new trout line, the Trout Boss HTx. The Trout Boss HTx has a complex new taper, thinner core, and new proprietary heat-tempered surface treatment (HTx). A thinner core … more

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Video: Bozeman Reel Company Reels for 2015


Dan Rice with the Bozeman Reel Company talks to MidCurrent about the company’s reels for 2015, including the S handle classic and RS series in custom color runs, and about bringing back the M1 click-pawl reel for a limited edition … more

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Video: 3-Tand Reel Line-up for 2015


Ryan with 3-Tand Reels goes into depth about the company’s offerings for 2015, explaining the entire reel line-up, including the TF-series, T-series reels, and the SURGEX S-6+ fishing pliers.

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Video: Yeti Rambler/Tumbler


DJ Bell of Yeti Coolers gives us the down-low on the company’s newest way to keep things cold, the Yeti Rambler/Tumbler. Yeti says,”we over-engineered our Rambler Tumblers with kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel and double-wall vacuum insulation. Rambler Tumblers keep ice … more

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Video: Patagonia Nano Puff Pant


Bill Klyn of Patagonia gives MidCurrent a sneak peak of the new Nano Puff insulated pant for 2015. As Bill says, “when that fall shoulder season, winter season, salmon on steelhead season rolls around – the nano pant is where … more

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Video: Scott Rods – Tidal Series Fly Rods


New for 2015, Scott will be introducing the Tidal series of fly rods. Company president Jim Bartschi compares the technology and design to that of what shaped skis and cavity-backed clubs did for the skiing and golfing industries. The idea behind … more

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Video: Maven Fly – Women-Specific Fly Fishing Apparel Company


Lise Lozelle of Maven Fly talks about her 2015 line of clothing. Maven fly is a women’s-only fly fishing apparel company that produces gear made completely in the USA.

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Video: Flymen Fishing Company Evolution Beadheads


Martin Bawden of Flymen Fishing Company talks about one of the company’s newest products, Evolution bead heads.  The new tungsten bead heads anatomically match mayfly, caddis, and stoneflies species and are “designed with the right size, proportion, shape and colors … more

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