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Video: Nautilus Reels’s Award-Winning CCFX2 Explained


Jesus Marmol of Nautilus reels explains the company’s newest addition to their stellar line  of fresh- and saltwater reels named the CCFX2.  The reel won Best of Show at the IFTD trade show and retails from $425 – $555 depending … more

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First Glance: Ghillie Kettle Outdoor Stove


Towards the end of last year I started using a new piece of equipment for which the design is actually 100+ years old.  It’s called a Ghillie Kettle and it does the same things a Jet Boil, two-burner, or whisperlite does–namely … more

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Podcast Interview: John Van Vleet from Scientific Anglers Talks About the New Sharkwave Fly Line


This week John Van Vleet, the marketing manager over at Scientific Anglers, talks to MidCurrent about living in a tent in a baseball stadium for 152 nights in a row, trout fishing, and most importantly about SA’s new line, called Sharkwave. … more

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First Glance: Smithfly Digi Pouch


What’s this? A fishing company that has made a product specifically for photography?  That’s right., Smithfly, makers of the modular packs, bags, waist packs and belts, has added the Digi Pouch to their expanding line of quality products that are … more

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Video: Streamworks Nighthawk Lighted Pliers


Brent Brauner of Streamworks explains their newest addition to the company’s lineup, a patent protected pair of 7-inch LED-lighted pliers that retail for $59.98

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Video: Simms GT TriComp Long Sleeve Shirt


Simms’s new GT TriComp Long sleeve shirt won best of show at last year’s industry trade show. Here, Rich Hohne explains the benefits and features of the new sun shirt. MSRP $119.95

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Video: Buff Headwear Balaclava, Mask, and new Patterns for 2014


Matt Crawford of BUFF Headwear discusses a few new BUFF products for 2014, like the Balaclava and Mask, and gives a sneak peek of some new patterns for the original BUFF headwear.

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Video: SOG Bladelight Folding Knife


Chris Cashbaugh of SOG specialty knives and tools explains the new Bladelight Folding knife, which has three LEDs on each side of the blade and could make for a very handy camping, fishing, or boat tool.  MSRP is $85.00

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Video: Aquapac Upano Line of Waterproof Duffle Bags


Andy MacAuley from Aquapac shows off his company’s Upano line of Waterproof Duffle bags. Perfect for the angler on the go.

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Video: Hobie Pro Angler 12 Fishing Kayak


Fishing Product Manager Morgan Promnitz for Hobie shows off the Hobie Pro Angler 12 fishing kayak. This isn’t your granddad’s fishing kayak! Standard features like the foot pedal mirage drive, luxurious adjustable seating, dry storage, grip pads for casting, etc. … more

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