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Quick Tip: DIY Travel Stripping Basket


This great little DIY stripping basket idea came from my friend Paul Prentiss and my local fly shop, Front Range Anglers. I see Paul infrequently at my local bass haunt and he’s always got this homemade stripping basket with him. We … more

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Video: What All Anglers Should Have in Their First Aid Kits


Neil Luering, Orvis endorsed guide, former firefighter and paramedic, took the time to show MidCurrent some of the essentials of what should be in every angler’s first aid kit. Whether it’s in your boat, car or backpack, these are the … more

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Video: Flycraft Stealth Fishing Watercraft


If you’re the type of person that likes fishing from boats and doesn’t have the space to store a trailer, raft or drift boat but wants something rugged, river worthy and well designed, do yourself a favor and check out … more

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Video: The World’s Best Rod Holder for Rafts

I’ve struggled for years with how to go about setting up a rod holder on my fishing raft. I’ve built an handful, tried a few manufactured types, and sat around with friends trying to build one that would be low-profile, … more

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Quick Tip: Albolene Makeup Remover As Cost-Effective Fly Floatant


Do you use “silicon type” dry fly dressing on a regular basis? Do you often run out at the wrong time? If you answered yes to those questions or you’re simply the thrifty type and have the space in your … more

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Video: Make a Homemade Bobbin with Chinese Take Out


Here’s one for all you DIY people… You didn’t misread that headline. According to Jim Misiura, you can make a homemade thread bobbin with an ink pen tube, some spring wire from some Chinese take out, a few beads and … more

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Building your first Fly Rod: To Spine or Not to Spine?


Since starting my first rod building project a short time ago (thanks to the good folks at Swift Fly Fishing) I’ve learned a number of things I didn’t know about fly rod blanks. One of the more interesting is that … more

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Video Series: How to Build Your First Fly Rod


I’ve been fishing my entire adult life and own way too many fly rods. At least my wife and family think so. The thing is, I’ve never had the gumption or drive to actually build one of my own. I’m … more

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First Glance: Nature Boy Designs Hat(ch) Patch


The hat you see here is one of my favorites. No snickering, all you folks from the pacific northwest…. It’s not a hat I’m willing to put flies into when I’m fishing. Mainly because I paid like $40 for it … more

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Video: Hobie Mirage Drive “Sport” Kayak Redesign


Last year Hobie redesigned one of their most popular Mirage drive kayaks for fly anglers and conventional anglers alike and called it the Sport.  Here fishing product manager Morgan Promnitz explains its wealth of features.

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