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First-Ever Fly Fishing Sex Survey

Researchers have just released significant new data on the potential impact of fly fishing on human sexual behavior.  As Scott Bowen writes in his MidCurrent exclusive report, the results are somewhat surprising and may arouse further research. The Federal Institute of Human … more

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How to Tie Art Flick’s Classic Red Quill

Matt Grobert ties Art Flick’s Classic Red Quill in this week’s featuring fly tying video.  It’s a great pattern to have in the box for those early spring Hendricksons that are only a couple of weeks away.

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New EPA Rule Would Increase Protection of Headwaters and “Intermittent Flows”

In a news conference today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corp of engineers jointly proposed a rule change that should help clarify protections provided by the Clean Water Act to isolated wetlands and intermittent and ephemeral streams.  As … more

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How to Tie a Bivisible

In this week’s featured fly tying video, Tim Flagler ties the Bivisible, a pattern popularized by Edward Ringwood Hewitt in the 1920s.  As Flagler notes: “The bivisible is a time-tested attractor pattern that floats well and represents a wide range of aquatic …

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How to Tie a Cinder Worm

One of the great macro-events a fly fisher can experience is the spawning swarm of marine worms.  Whether it’s the palolo worm of the sub-tropics or the cinder worm of colder waters, when the event happens it draws massive numbers …

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How to Tie the Pearl Zonker

This week’s fly-tying video features the Pearl Zonker, just one of many possible variations of this venerable pattern.  Says tier and videographer Tim Flagler: “Think early season, high water, and maybe a sink-tip line… then hang on tight.”

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New Research Suggests Waders, Boots May Not Be Responsible for Didymo Outbreaks

A new study published in the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences suggests that didymo diatoms may already be present in most waters, and that climate change, not human transport, is the primary factor in “rock snot” outbreaks. According to study leader … more

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Stripping Peacock Quills

Tim Flagler offers directions for using simple household chemicals to strip peacock quills, a key component in many nymph patterns.   Along the way, he offers several useful tips for handling, coloring and using quills in your flies.

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EPA Will Consider Blocking Controversial Pebble Mine

Conservation and fishing groups are applauding an announcement today that the EPA will consider blocking the construction of the Pebble Mine in Alaska.  “Extensive scientific study has given us ample reason to believe that the Pebble Mine would likely have … more

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How to Tie the Ausable Wulff

In this week’s featured fly-tying video, Tim Flagler reveals his techniques for tying the Ausable Wulff, a high-floating classic that’s a great choice for fishing fast, broken water.

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