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How to Tie the “Same Thing Murray”

The “Same Thing Murray” is the subject of this week’s featured fly tying video.  Tier Matt Grobert includes some slight variations from the original, a fly which was authored by Doug Hastings for New Brunswick Atlantic salmon but which has …

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Government Dysfunction a Slow-Motion Disaster for Fish Resources

In addition to the estimated $760 million in daily income lost by communities and businesses bordering federal parks, the halt in collection of license fees and taxes that feed directly into wildlife restoration and protection, and the immediate human impact … more

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Good News for Tarpon: Key West Votes Down Harbor Dredging

After many months of debate and a determined effort by pro-cruise ship business interests to sway voters, Key West voted down expanded dredging of the island’s harbor–a natural refuge for migrating tarpon and other species.    Previous dredging of the … more

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Pebble Mine Support Begins to Collapse


I’d been in beautiful Lake Placid, New York, for a couple of days already at the Outdoor Writers Association of America annual meeting when Whit Fosburgh waved me over to his table to join him for lunch. Fosburgh is the CEO of … more

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Video: How to Tie the Cream Cahill Sparkle Dun

Matt Grobert shows us how to tie a Cream Cahill Sparkle Dun in this week’s featured fly-tying video.  Cream Cahill’s are the late-season version of an insect that hatches sporadically throughout the summer.  Grobert’s pattern floats well and is very …

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Robert Behnke Dies

One of the great voices in trout and salmonid conservation died Friday, September 13, in Fort Collins, CO.  Dr. Robert “Bob” Behnke was 83. Author, college professor and outspoken advocate of trout conservation worldwide, Behnke was perhaps best known for … more

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How to Tie a Spent Partridge Caddis

The Spent Partridge Caddis is the pattern featured in this week’s fly tying video.  Fly tier, blogger and author Matt Grobert ties this one on a size 16 dry fly hook, showing how to construct the underwing with Zelon and …

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Remembering George Hommell Jr.


George Hommell Jr. died Saturday morning, August 31, at the age of 88 in his family home. George enjoyed very good health up until discovering recently that he had advanced lung cancer.  According to his daughter Mariellen, he died peacefully … more

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How to Tie Mike’s Honey Ant

Continuing the terrestrial fly theme, Mike Lawson’s super ant pattern is the subject of this week’s featured fly tying video.  Matt Grobert ties Mike’s Honey Ant on a size 16 Dai-Riki #300 dry fly hook–the perfect complement to beetles, spiders, …

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How to Tie the Foam Beetle

The Foam Beetle is the focus of this week’s featured fly tying video.  Tim Flagler ties this great terrestrial pattern on a size 14 hook.  ”This beetle floats well but low in the water, making it difficult to see,” says …

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