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MidCurrent’s RSS Feed Has Changed

The Internet is a complex beast, and one that requires staying on top of even the most minuscule bits. As a result, when we introduced the new MidCurrent, we also had to change some other services to comply with the … more

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2011 “Waters to Watch” List

The National Fish Habitat Action Plan ( this week released their 2011 “Waters to Watch” list, a collection of 10 “rivers, streams, lakes and estuaries that will benefit from strategic conservation efforts to protect, restore or enhance their current condition … more

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Confluence Films Announces November Release of “Connect”

Confluence Films, the makers of “Drift” and “Rise,” just announced the release of their third film, “Connect,” which will be available on DVD this fall. “Connect” will be another multi-segment collection of individual stories shot around the world and includes …

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Connections: Climate Change, Cutthroats and Grizzlies

NPR’s “All Things Considered” this weekend featured an interview with Paul Solotaroff, who wrote in the April issue of Men’s Journal about the effects of climate change on Yellowstone National Park. His article, “Ghost Park,” focuses on the impact of loss … more

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Billy Pate Dies

We’ve received word that master saltwater fly fisher Billy Pate died early yesterday morning. Pate was a important pioneer in landing big saltwater fish on fly rods and was particularly dedicated to tarpon fishing, although billfishing was also a passion. … more

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Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing Mystery Theater” (Humor)

RA Beattie’s entry into the 1st Annual Ice Out Shoot Out video competition sponsored by Simms and The Drake magazine revives an old Saturday Night Live character and includes the obligatory shot glass prop. As Beattie says: “Four groups of shooters …

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Fly Fishing the Gulf: Spill’s Long- and Short-Term Effects

Chris Santella writes about one of his best days of redfishing — in Lousiana’s “Land of the Giants” — and notes that the long-term impact of the Gulf Spill on coastal fisheries is anybody’s guess, the short-term halt to fish … more

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Tippets: Brookie Sabotage, PEI Rainbow Invasion, 6-Weight “Clubs”

Saboteurs return non-native rainbows to Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s Lynn Camp Prong, which biologists had just spent $300,000 clearing. University of Prince Edward Island masters candidate studying why rainbow trout are invading the island and possibly pushing out Atlantic salmon. The … more

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“Reprimanded on a Technicality”

Weekly Standard senior writer and humorist Matt Labash says that if his friends are going to make fun of him for throwing Wal-Mart issue Leland darts with pink and white heads, he’d just as soon fish alone. “When I fish alone, … more

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Intro to Bluelining

New on MidCurrent this week, Montana guide and casting instructor Brant Oswald writes an intro to fishing small streams. While its focus is on bluelining the U.S. West, almost all of the advice also applies east of the Mississippi. It’s an … more

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