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Hawaiian Bonefish Guide “Coach Duff”

Howler Brothers’ blog interviewed former Force Recon Marine, ex-University of Hawaii football coach and current Hawaiian bonefish guide Terry Duffield a.k.a. “Coach Duff.” Among other topics, Duff discusses surfing vs. angling culture in Hawaii and his time spent serving our … more

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Keys Permit Closure to End Tuesday

The harvesting of permit in the Florida Keys will be allowed again starting August 1. The first of the month will mark the end of the first-ever closed season for permit. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission created the … more

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Fly Fishing with Jimmy Kimmel

In the latest edition of its travel Q & A series “Where I Go,” Vanity Fair  talks to Jimmy Kimmel about going fly fishing in the American West to get away from it all. On his version of retail therapy, Kimmel says: … more

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Events: Del Brown Permit Results, Southern Bluefin Record, All American Backcountry Fishing Tournament

Tony Nobregas, guided by Capt. Rob Fordyce, was the winner of last week’s Del Brown Permit Tournament in Key West. Australian angler Peter Morse may have broken the 8kg tippet world record for Southern Bluefin Tuna after landing a 19kg fish. … more

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Keys Guide’s Unusual Tarpon Rig

In the summer issue of Southern Culture on the Fly, Keys guide Capt. Joel Dickey shares his tarpon rig with readers. Dickey shuns the “traditionalist” notion that tarpon should only be fought using 16 and 20-pound test leaders and instead … more

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USFWS to End Connecticut River Atlantic Salmon Restoration

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service will end its effort to restore Atlantic salmon to the Connecticut River basin because the program has not worked well enough to justify the cost. A similar program in the Merrimack River could … more

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Surf-Casting for Bonefish

On Aitutaki in the Cook Islands, the wind is blowing 30 knots out and driving rain is coming down sideways. The guide instructs his client to cast a sinking line into the surf toward the drop-off, blind. While the Cook … more

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First 100-pound Tarpon On Fly

Sixty years ago, the thought of catching a 100-pound tarpon on fly tackle was considered a supreme challenge for even the most experienced anglers. Today, fly fishermen who regularly chase the silver king aim for fish closer to 200 pounds … more

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Maine Dams and the Atlantic Salmon

On June 11th, the Great Works dam in Bradley, Maine began to be demolished in an effort to open up to 1,000 miles of the Penobscot River. The removal is sponsored by the Penobscot River Restoration Trust, a $62m public-private … more

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Islamorada Invitational Sailfly Set for January 2013

The 13th annual Islamorada Invitational Sailfly has been set for January 9 and 10, 2013. The all-release sailfish fly tournament utilizes 16-pound class tippet and points are scored on a scale of 50-150 based on released fish, “billed” fish and … more

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