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Chaco Partners with Conservationists, Outfitters, and Brands

Chaco footwear brand has partnered with American Rivers on an exciting film project documenting conservation efforts in the Grand Canyon and has also collaborated with Fishpond to make custom fly fishing sandals, with a portion of the proceeds going to … more

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Ten Most Endangered Rivers

American Rivers has announced their list of the Most Endangered Rivers of 2015. The annual report aims to shine a public spotlight on threats facing rivers and what actions can help. Rivers in the following states will be named to … more

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Tippets: Failing to Succeed, Spring at Pyramid Lake

The importance of grit and working through setbacks are necessary for an angler. And in a recent essay Matthew Copeland writes, “Near term failure, the theory goes, is a necessary ingredient of greater success down the road.” Read more of … more

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Video Hatch: “Ungava : An Expedition to No Man’s Land

This film features footage from the northern parts of Quebec and Labrador, fishing for Atlantic salmon and Arctic char, and is an official selection of the 2015 International Fly-Fishing Film Festival (IF4). Via Hooké.

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Tippets: Casting Elbow, Tying a Warrior, Marijuana Farms and Salmon

Many athletes are prone to it, and anglers are no exception. Tendonitis can put a serious (and painful) halt to time on the water. Steven Brutger writes about his experience with “casting elbow” in a recent article on Stalking the … more

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Trout & Salmon Friendly Companies

Money talks. An article in the most recent issue of Trout Unlimited’s TROUT Magazine features the most “trout and salmon friendly” companies in the United States. Read through the list of names that made the cut and support businesses that … more

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New Fly Fishing Books

Trout Culture: How Fly Fishing Forever Changed the Rocky Mountain West by Jen Brown highlights how the fly-fishing tourist industry shaped the environmental, economic, and social development of the Western United States. Brown also examines the popular conception of fly … more

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Video Hatch: “The Deepest Valley”

This short film from Zangs Film follows the journey of Jason Fitzgibbon and Tyler Graff on the Owens River in California.

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Tippets: In Hemingway’s Steps, Wild vs. Farmed Salmon, Interview with Cameron Mortenson

Ernest Hemingway left a legacy in both literature and fishing. In a recent article on Sporting Classics, Roger Pinckney examines the author and angler’s footsteps through his days in Bimini. If we needed more backing on the benefits of wild … more

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Quixotic Quest

Some of the most accomplished photographers of the sport share their images of the “quixotic pursuit” of fly fishing in a recent photo essay article via Big Sky Journal.

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