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Tippets: Weather and Fish Behavior, New Russian Salmon Reserve, Topwater Bass

Reynolds Wolff of the Weather Channel joins Tom Rosenbauer on a recent Orvis Podcast, to talk about how the weather impacts fish behavior and fishing conditions. Nearly 80,000 Acres are now protected through the approval of the establishment of the … more

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Tell the EPA: Stop the Pebble Mine

The recent spill of billions of gallons of mining waste at the Mount Polley mine in British Columbia is a reminder of what’s at stake in Bristol Bay, Alaska. Take time to tell the EPA to stop the proposed Pebble …

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Itou Salmon

Peter Rand,  recently returned back from a Fulbright fellowship in Japan to study populations of itou salmon, reports on his research and findings via National Geographic. “In the parlance of conservation, itou is a flagship species,” explains Rand, “so focus … more

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Casting with Robin Williams

After the recent passing of Robin Williams, Jack Dennis remembers teaching the great actor and comedian how to improve his fly cast. The lesson is as funny as it is kind, as one would expect, and can be read via … more

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B.C. Mine Disaster a Wake-Up Call

The recent Mount Polley Mine disaster in British Columbia is a sobering reminder of what’s at stake in Bristol Bay. “It’s a tragedy, but a tragedy we can learn from,” writes Chris Hunt. “It should give us the perspective we … more

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Video Hatch: “Hooké à Gaspé!”

This film short features footage from a six-day trip on the York, Dartmouth and Saint-Jean rivers searching for Atlantic salmon. Via Hooké.

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Tippets: Streamer Presentation, Rising Temps & Small Streams, Extended-Body Mayfly Tying

Even if you’re drifting a streamer, presentation matters. Louis Cahill outlines why in a recent post on Gink & Gasoline. Climate change is impacting small streams and trout feeding behavior. Bob Unnasch, director of science for The Nature Conservancy, writes … more

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Video Hatch: “The Easy Road”

This short film from Waist Deep Media features spectacular shots of the fish and scenery of Washington state.

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Tippets: Largemouth Bass Tips, Conserving Household Water, Backcountry Confidence

From biology to suggested flies and tactics, Phil Monahan’s covers the bases in a recent article about largemouth bass. Perfect information for mid-summer. A study published in the journal Environment examines well-researched solutions for conserving water in your home. From upgrading … more

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Desert Dust & Oceans

New research out of the University of South Carolina is shedding light on iron levels in the world’s oceans, revealing that “life in the deep ocean depended on an annual delivery of fertilizer from one of the world’s emptiest and … more

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