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MindShift Gear Launches rotation180° Catch & Release™ Fly Fishing Backpack on Kickstarter

MindShift Gear has launched on Kickstarter campaign for the first 3-in-1 fly fishing backpack. The rotation180° Catch & Release wears like a traditional backpack, “but the lower part of the backpack easily rotates to the front for quick access to … more

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Protect the Beaverhead River

The proposal to retrofit Clark Canyon Dam into a hydroelectric facility would present a serious threat to the headwaters of the Beaverhead River. The Upper Missouri Waterkeeper, a Montana-based non-profit, outlines the risks and presents information on the proposal, including concern … more

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Tippets: How to Find Trout, Mia Sheppard on Casting

To catch fish you first have to locate them. Understanding survival motives and feeding habits can help you identify key areas. From underwater structure and seams to depth and riffles, find more information about reading streams in this piece on … more

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Tippets: Deep Sea Bioluminescence, Fighting Atlantic Salmon Farms, Herring Return to Hudson River Tributary, Farmed Salmon Hearing Loss

Bioluminescence, the ability to produce light, is more common in fish species than once thought. A new study published in PLOS ONE examines the “Repeated and Widespread Evolution of Bioluminescence in Marine Fishes” Open-water Atlantic salmon farms pose an unacceptable … more

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Video Hatch: “Carpology: Part 2”

Faced with wildfires and river closures due to high temperatures, Brian Kimmel of Shadow of a Trout Outfitters and Tracy Allen of Adipose Boatworks trade trout fishing for carp in this short film. Via Catch Magazine.

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Tippets: Loon Tying Contest, Interview with Ben Bulis, Grip Variations

Loon is hosting a fly tying contest for patterns featuring their UV curing resins. Post to Instagram with the hashtag #tiebylight to enter and view more details on their website. The winner will be chosen June 15th, 2016. Kris Millgate … more

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Inaugural Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival

The inaugural Texas Fly Fishing & Brew Festival will be held March 11-12, 2017 at the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Read more in the press release below.

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Tippets: Toughen Up Terrestrials, Interview with Tom Karrow, Avoiding Redds

Foam material creates great terrestrial flies but can wear down quickly. The use of super glue and UV coating can help increase the lifespan of these flies, advises Bod Reece, and “Toughening up your foam terrestrials saves headaches and time … more

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Tippets: Peace on the River, Low-Light Photography

After years serving as in the army explosives corps, veteran Eric Way found peace on Colorado’s rivers working as a fly fishing guide. This article by Natalie Burg tells Way’s story. Via Forbes. Low-light situations are often the best for … more

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Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing the Savannah River”

In this film short Nick Duke offers up beautiful footage of fly fishing for smallmouth bass on the Savannah River.

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