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Tippet: Profile of Lefty Kreh, Tying the Griffiths Gnat

One of the most influential personalities in the fly fishing world, Lefty Kreh has certainly left his mark. Covering everything from his army days to becoming a prolific author, King Montgomery writes about Kreh in this article via In-Fisherman. The … more

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Tippets: Comment on Rollback of Clean Water Act, Moffat Tunnel Expansion Project, Declining Steelhead Populations in British Columbia

The comment period on the EPA’s proposed rule, which would rescind protections for America’s headwaters, is now open through August 28, 2018. Take time to voice your concern. Denver Water has been given the green light on the Moffat Tunnel … more

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Video Hatch: “Fishing for Change”

This film trailer highlights a conservation story deep in the Guyana Rainforest. Via Outside.

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Tippets: Fly Fishing Beaver Island, Tenkara Rod Testing

In this recent article David Karczynski writes about fly fishing for carp and smallmouth bass on the flats of Beaver Island in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. “But carp are only part of the reason why some of the best, most ambitious anglers … more

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Video Hatch: “Fly Shop Strong”

Local fly shops are at “the heart and soul of fly fishing.” This short film from Rajeff Sports and ECHO Fly Fishing highlights the connection and community they provide.

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Tippets: Flies for Guyana, Tenkara Techniques

In this video, Oliver White and Shun Alvin talk about the different types of flies they use when fishing the rivers in the jungles of Guyana. Learn about the patterns and their design elements via Outside Magazine. From the difference … more

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Video Hatch: “Jewel of the Smokies”

This trailer features a look at the upcoming documentary about native brook trout in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the anglers who chase them.

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Tippets: Flip Pallot on Flies, Secrets to Trophy Trout

Flip Pallot talks about what goes into his fly selection in this video from Hells Bay Boatworks. “In the final analysis, when I select a fly and I know that other people select them for really good reasons, but I … more

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Video Hatch: “Hiking Through the Jungle to Catch Arapaima”

Catching Arapaima deep in the jungles of Guyana requires a lot of work, planning, and trekking. This short film from Outside shows the journey.

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Tippets: Changes in Plans, Fishing Hoppers

From delayed flights to changes in weather, in this article Patrick Straub writes about what to do when your fly fishing trip doesn’t go as planned. “Fly-fishing travel, whether to saltwater destinations or mountain trout streams, often feels like high stakes … more

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