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Tippets: Loading a Rod, Women on the Fly, Reading Rise Forms

In a recent post on The Limp Cobra, Marc Fauvet and Aitor Coteron debunk some popular myths about how a fly rod loads. As part of her own journey into fly fishing, Claire Topalian takes some time to get to … more

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Video Hatch: “Trust the Wild”

This short film features an afternoon on the water with Western Rise co-founders Will and Kelly Watters, highlighting what fly fishing is all about.

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Tippets: Reading Water, Hopper History

Reading the water is an important technique for anglers. Chad Shmukler offers detailed advice for assessing and fishing the slow water in front of rocks. Via Hatch Magazine. While they’re mentioned in fly fishing literature as far back as the … more

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Video Hatch: “You’re Missing Out, Miss Swift”

This short film features great footage of fly fishing in short Norwegian summers. Via Dryflyliving.

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Tippets: Fishing in Bear Country, Bud Lilly Profile, Beginning Gear

Bears and anglers are both after the same thing: fish. Learn how to read the body language of bears, and what to do when confronted with aggression, via a recent article on the Orvis blog. Called the “dean” of Montana … more

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Video Hatch: “Salad Days: Vol.4”

This short film from Bloodknots features beautiful footage of days on the water.

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Tippets: Nymphs vs. Swing, Fish of Wisconsin

Anglers have strong opinions on the correct way to fish for steelhead. In a recent article Dave Stewart of Wet Fly Swing writes about the differences (benefits and drawbacks) of nymphing vs. swinging for steelhead. Kandis Elliot, emerita senior artist in … more

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Tippets: Oregon Dam Removal, Mining Wastewater Spills Into Animas River, Pollution Spurs Evolution

Two of the most problematic dams for fish in Oregon rivers are slated for removal. Read more about the demolition of the Wimer and Fielder Dams, via Oregon Public Broadcasting. Approximately three-million gallons of wastewater has accidentally been released from … more

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Project Bay Bones Survey

The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and Florida International University have partnered to create “Project Bay Bones,” which will investigate the health of South Florida bonefish populations and habitat. In part, through angler experience and survey data. Read more in the … more

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Video Hatch: “The Making of a Marlin: Costa Sunglasses and Washed Ashore”

Costa’s “Kick Plastic” campaign aims to educate consumers about the growing problem of trash in the oceans. This film features a sculpture of a jumping marlin made entirely out of washed up beach trash, commissioned by Costa to further awareness. …

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