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Video Hatch: “Horizons”

Anglers are in constant chase of the horizon, and what’s around the next bend. Forever West Media offers beautiful footage of that chase in this teaser footage from their first short film.

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Tippets: Becoming a Guide, Bonefish & Sunscreen, Washington’s High Lakes

If you’re a guide, or working to become one, don’t miss Cameron Rhodes’s advice on how to do the job better. Perhaps most importantly: “Never lose sight of why you became a guide. Few get the opportunity to be guides and … more

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Video Hatch: “Seasons”

This short trailer features footage from the upcoming film from Max Rhulen on fly fishing Colorado throughout the year.

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Tippets: Tying the X-Tail, Lost & Found on the Salt River

In a recent video, musky master David Goodrich explains everything you need to know about hook mechanics and choice, and also demonstrates how to tie his go-to pattern, the X-Tail HTV. Don’t miss this episode of “Fly Hacks.” Two years … more

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Tippets: Outdoor Photography Tips, Oregon Chub De-listed, Teaching Tenkara

Jess McGlothlin outlines key tenets of good outdoor photography. Before the next season of fishing begins, don’t miss this informative read. Via Chi Wulff. The Oregon chub is on its way to becoming the first fish to be removed from … more

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Video Hatch: “Teach a Man to Fish”

This short film by The University of Tennessee’s Medal of Honor Project shows the journey of recovery and bonds of fellowship found through a unique kind of therapy.

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Early Fishing Text

A Benedictine breviary containing what are thought to be the earliest known fly pattern recipes was recently discovered by antiquarian bookseller, Maggs Bros. Ltd. of London. Read more and view a video of the manuscript via The Literary Fly Fisher.

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Native Fish Society Hires Erica Stock as New Executive Director

The Native Fish Society has announced Erica Stock as the organization’s new executive director. “Erica’s passion for wild, native fish, understanding of the science that guides our efforts, and experience growing grassroots networks, will be a huge asset to Native … more

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Video Hatch: “Unwind”

Everyone has their own way to relax at the end of stressful days and weeks, and this short film features the kind of folks who choose heading out on the water. Via LivitFilms.

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Tippets: Measuring Up, Women’s Wader Review, Marine Reserves Help Migration

Fly fishing rods, lines and leaders are like “some weird SAT math question,” writes Morgan Lyle. “They’re full of numbers—numbers that don’t necessarily correlate with anything in real life.” Lyle clears up the confusion, explaining things like what a “5 … more

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