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BTT Asks for Angler Support on Bahamas Flats Alternatives

In a recent statement, the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is asking anglers to support a revised approach to creating a comprehensive conservation and management plan for the Bahamas bonefish fishery. Read more in the press release below.

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Dr. Slick Unveils New Products for 2016

Dr. Slick has announced new products for 2016, including 12-inch hemostats, Long Range Mitten Scissor Clamps, and Razor Scissors available with one of the blades serrated. Read more in the press release below.

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Video Hatch: “Lost in Wise River”

In this short film, Aimee Savard and Chase Bartee revisit a childhood haunt and bring things full circle in their trip West, casting dry flies to mountain brook trout. Via Tight Loops.

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Tippets: Tips for Fishing Small Streams, Casting Creep, Saving Atlantic Salmon

After concentrated time fishing the mountains of Vermont, Jared Zissu offers tips and tactics for fishing small streams. From stealthy approaches to good drifts, read more via Orvis. In a recent installment of “Ask a Fly-Fishinig Instructor,” Peter Kutzer addresses … more

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Video Hatch: “TENKARPA!”

On a recent trip to Beaver Island, MI the folks at Scumliner Media took things to the next level: fly fishing for carp with tenkara.

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Tippets: How Nature Changes the Brain, Best Days to Fish

A growing body of evidence shows that spending time in nature is linked to mental well-being and neurological health. A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences strongly suggests that natural environments “could be an easy … more

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AFFTA Statement on Climate Change

The American Fly Fishing Trade Association has released a statement regarding their position on global climate change. Read more in the press release below.

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CFFCM 2015 Fly Fishing Hall of Fame Inductees

At a ceremony set to be held on October 10, 2015, the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum will induct Bill Elliott, John Gierach, Curt Gowdy and Charles Ritz into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame. Read more in the … more

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Video Hatch: “Handmade with Woods”

This short French film follows the process of building a bamboo rod, from firing the culm to catching the first fish, with master rodmaker Zarn. Via 9p#5 Média.

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Tippets: Take Better Photos, Smith River Mine, David Knapp Interview

From the grip to the grin, in a recent piece on Stalking the Seam Matthew Copeland outlines 5 tips for taking better fish photos. Read more here. A proposed copper mine near the Smith River in Montana is raising serious concerns … more

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