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Video Hatch: “FIXED for Fly Fishing”

This is a beautifully filmed short about mixing passions: fixed gear bicycles and fly fishing. Via Movi-Media.

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Tippets: Joint Support for EPA’s “Clean Power,” Saltwater Casting Mistakes, TU Fights Maryland Fracking

Hunting, angling and outdoor conservation groups have joined together to support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. “America’s hunters, anglers, and the $90 billion a year industry that supports them encourage long overdue action to address climate change and … more

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Trout Unlimited Essay Contest on Wild Steelhead

Now through November 11, Trout  Unlimited is accepting submissions to their Wild Steelhead Essay Contest.  Essays must focus on wild steelhead and must be no more than 500 words. The winner will receive $1,000 and a spot in an upcoming … more

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Chris Hunt: “La Bomba”

Besides the fish we chase, there are often many things in the water that deserve our respect—crocodiles and sharks, to name a couple. Chris Hunt writes about the mind-game and fear in a recent piece on Hatch Magazine. “And, as … more

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Trout Unlimited on San Gabriel Mountains National Monument

The San Gabriel Mountains have been designated as a national monument. Trout Unlimited is praising the decision, “which should help protect and enhance the unique fishing and hunting opportunities in the San Gabriel Mountains.” Read more in the press release … more

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Video Hatch: “Estrada Art Presents: GladesDays”

Artist Eric Estrada takes us on a tour of the Everglades, featuring its diverse fish and colorful personalities. Via Estrada Art.

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Tippets: Over-Educated, Impact of Human Noise, Wading Pants

Successful fishing isn’t just luck, and Phil Monahan shares an article by the late William G. Tapply on tactics for fooling “PhD” trout via Orvis. The implementation of a no-wake rule on a Minnesota lake and the good fishing thereafter caused … more

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Fly Town Comics

Mixed-media artist Jan Flanigan creates “Fly Town Comics,” a series of unique comic pieces made with original drawings and dead flies. “When you put them in human situations they have real character,” says Flanigan. Read more in the press release … more

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Tippets: Focused on Wild, Steelhead Muddler, Wading Around Redds

From budget cuts to genetic research, there are many reasons wild fish populations need to be put back under the spotlight. Kirk Deeter highlights what he sees as “the next hotbutton issue in fly fishing” in a recent post on … more

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Offshore Habitat

The intersection of human development and wildlife habitat are usually at severe odds. However, new research reveals that 27 offshore oil rigs in California provide outstanding marine habitat. “There’s an opportunity to put out structures that maximize fisheries and conservation … more

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