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Video Hatch: “We Are Salmon Junkies”

For the anglers featured in this film trailer, Atlantic salmon are more than just a quarry to chase, they are an obsession. Via Salmon Junkies.

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Tippets: Backcountry Fishing, 2015 Best Products

Greg Melville picks the best places for backcountry fishing in the Lower 48, in a recent article via Outside Magazine. “The good thing about backpack fly fishing is that I can openly divulge my favorite areas without worrying that huge … more

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Video Hatch: “A Trout Called Janne”

The new film from Jazz & Fly Fishing follows the change of seasons, revisiting favorite places, and the persistence needed to succeed.

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Tippets: Monster Trout, Orvis & ProBar Team Up for Streams, Hardly Strictly Musky

If your goal is to catch big fish, preparation should start days before you head to water. In a recent article, Kirk Deeter gives an outline and tips for success, on everything from water quality and weather to a reading … more

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Tippets: Largemouth Bass, Karczynski on Homewaters

Paul Beel features warmwater experts Pat Cohen, David Lewis, Jay Zimmerman, and Alvin Dedeaux, and their advice for chasing largemouth bass on the fly. Visit FrankenFly to find tips and observations on the species from professional anglers. Dave Karczynski contemplates the … more

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Tippets: Streamer Retrieve, River Revival, The Teeny Nymph

Switch up your retrieve, advises Tom Rosenbauer. “I’ve found that the fish are often looking for something different,” Rosenbauer writes, “whether it’s a different speed, length, or cadence of strip, or perhaps they don’t want a stripped fly at all.” … more

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BTT Announces ARC Fishing As Newest Corporate Sponsor

ARC Fishing has been announced as the newest corporate sponsor of the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, and will help in support of their work in conservation and education. Read more in the press release below.                                   

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Video Hatch: “Snooklets”

This short film from Dan Decibel features footage of “fishing for anything that swims” in Florida’s mangroves.

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Tippets: Fishing California’s Beaches, Rigging Indicators

Fishing ocean surf from shore can be difficult endeavor. “Simply put, the surf is like fishing in a washing machine,” writes Nathan Cook, fishing manager of Orvis San Jose. However, in a recent article he offers expert advice on overcoming … more

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Airflo Switch Streamer Lines

Tom Larimer, an expert in spey casting, was pivotal in the development of Airflo’s new Switch Streamer lines, designed to be the ultimate line for targeting trout with streamers on switch and small spey rods. Read more in the press … more

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