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Hatch Outdoors Finatic Reel


I’m going to go out on a rather tenuous limb right now and say that I think the Hatch “Finatic” is one of the five or so best performance fly reels ever made. And I have a Charleton. And a … more

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“Shoe In” Stud Covers


Many of us (though not all) have bought into the anti-invasive species mantra that leads us to wear boots without felt soles. And many of us (not all) have found that adding studs to rubber soles is the best way … more

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Sierra Nets Make a Positive Statement


In all honesty, I’ve never been one to care about the “fashion statement.” When I was in fourth grade, and my mom sent me off to school in those brand new bright Adidas tennis shoes, I was the kid scuffing … more

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In Defense of Bootfoot Waders


I just spent three days steelhead fishing on the Pere Marquette River in Michigan with Jeff Hubbard of Outfitters North. We had a wonderful time, and caught many fish, though after the first day I realized why I wore bootfoot … more

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Fishpond Tech LTE Low Tide Hydration/Lumbar Pack


As an angler, I aspire to be a minimalist. When I trout fish, the happiest evenings are those when I wade into the river in boots, wearing nothing up top other than my shirt with a pair of scissors/hemos threaded … more

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The Cure for Bloody Fingers


I have a problem: whenever I go on a fishing trip to chase species that weigh more than trout, pull extra hard, or swim very fast, my hands end up shredded and looking like this. In other words, whenever I … more

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NuCast Non-Slip Clamps


When you think about it, what’s the tool hanging from your vest or pack that gets the most attention?  Your nippers? Solid answer. Your hemos are probably right there in the mix also. Lately, I’ve been dabbling with scissors and … more

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Korkers Ice Jack Boots


Korkers Ice Jack Boots are insulated, waterproof snow boots. And, yes, the obvious application is shoveling your driveway. But I must say, especially given Korkers’ tradition in the wading boot realm, I’m seeing some legitimate crossover fishing value as well. … more

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Review: Abel Nippers


I have never seen any fly fishing gear item stir more impassioned debate among my angling buddies as this little gizmo right here. These Abel nippers are sharp, durable, easy to handle, smartly designed, and all those wonderful things. They … more

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Chuck Taylor All-Stars: The Wading Boots for ‘Everyman’

Those who have fished in tropical places with me know that I have a quirky habit of wading saltwater flats in Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star basketball shoes. Well many, many years ago, anyway,  Chucky T’s were considered basketball shoes. No, … more

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