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Martin Simpson

New Zealand artist and fisherman Martin Simpson loves to paint it like it is. His life-like portraits capture the beauty, detail, colors and textures of fish and their environments.

Martin has been commissioned by anglers from around the world to paint their special memories.

All images copyright © 2018 Martin Simpson
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  • Stan Sweaney

    Looks alot like my style of watercolor airbrush/brush work. A great form of media-great job!

  • Stan Sweaney

    Your technique looks very similar to mine, except most of my subjects  are painted underwater. I use airbrush for the photo real effects, but am interested in your media and technique. Perhaps we can exchange info. Very nice work Martin. Stan

    • Martin SImpson

      Hi Stan,

      I only just noticed the comments and the chance to reply! Thanks for the compliment. I paint using Winsor and Newton Gouache on archival illustration board. I airbrush the large areas of colour and I then paint all the details with a brush.
      I am presently selling these at

      Thanks again.

  • Gustavo Zecca

    Congratulations, i thought it was a photo. There are GREATS PAINT