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Dean Crouser

Dean Crouser is a native Oregonian and lifelong artist that specializes in the watercolor medium. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon, where from 1978 – 1983 he competed on the famed track and field team in the shot put and discus. He is a self-taught artist who strives to capture the beauty and simplicity of a scene in a manner that anyone can relate to. “I like to use bright, vibrant colors and allow them to mix on the paper rather than the palette. I make a concerted effort to be loose and spontaneous and let the paint flow freely to create the wonderful ‘accidents’ that are possible with watercolors when they are allowed to work on their own.”

All images copyright © 2018 Dean Crouser
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  • Raul Luis

    ..fairly new to community, but I had to comment on this gorgeous pieces of work and the artist. I will not pretend to know much about this medium. But his use of colors and his approach are beautiful!
    I love to flyfish every chance I get and and the 2nd piece(top right) really brought those quiet moments when I am at my favorite river (San Gabriel River, North West of Austin.Tx) Thank you for interperting those moments for us through your work!


  • Bobgarman

    love your work, thanks for showing these, marshall!
    bob garman

  • Claudia Robyn

    Wonderful watercolour art. Your use of colour is sensational
    Claudia Robyn Orr