Tippets:  Beginnings of “Keep ‘Em Wet,” Picking Up Line

  • Keep ‘Em Wet is “a phrase in fishing that’s become very popular all around the globe relating to catch & release practices.” In this podcast, Bryan Huskey shares how that phrase originated.
  • Picking up long sections of line up off the water is a difficult trick to master. There are two problems facing anglers: “1. the line being trapped in the surface tension and 2. the tendencey to use the first half of the casting stroke just getting the line moving.” In this short instructional film, watch Capt. Bruce Chard demonstrate “The best way to pick up a long fly line to recast.”
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  • lindabf

    Our fishing club promotes “keep em wet”. However, all online or print magazines, continue to show almost all photos with fish being held up. When is this going to stop?

    • Excellent question, Linda.

      • lindabf

        What about Mid Current & all other print & online content, refuse advertisers showing hero shots? I’d love to see it, but I’ll bet it won’t happen.
        Thanks for listening.

        • Linda, it would be very difficult to get all businesses to eliminate hero shots. For our part, MidCurrent has, with very few exceptions, never published a “hero” shot in the tens of thousands of images we’ve published since 2003. The message matters.

          • lindabf

            I know that would be difficult, but I’m trying to figure out how, if every lodge, guide & fly fishing manufacturer were told by all the entities that accept & need advertisements that as of a certain date all fish pictures were to be in the format that conserves fish & teaches the beginners the best practices. I really do know that it would be very difficult, but worth while as we might not have fish to catch 25 to 50 years down the road.