Tippets: Trxstle Olympian Kickstarter, How To Make an Overhead Cast from RIO

  • Trxstle, a company based in Olympia, Washington, has started a Kickstarter campaign to help get their first flagship product off the ground. The Olympian is a telescoping car top carrier combined with a rod and reel case.  “The Olympian lets you carry your rigged fly rod on top of your vehicle PLUS quickly telescopes, becoming a compact rod & reel case.” Check out the Kickstarter here.
  • In the first episode of the second season of RIO’s “How To” series, Rob Parkins demonstrates “How To Make an Overhead Cast.” In this video, “Rob covers the three most important steps required before you start to make an overhead cast,” as well as explains how to make a “Pick up and lay down” cast, how to “False cast” and how to “Shoot line.”
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  • Christopher Monaco

    The Olympian fits one rod for $350+ ? No thanks.

    • John Smigaj

      Hey Chris! Thank you for your honest feedback and we (Trxstle) hear you loud and clear. We feel very fortunate to have received a lot of similar feedback early in our product release. Without giving away too many details prematurely – keep us in mind as we head into 2018. We want to produce products that people really want/need, and want to do so as affordably as possible. We have heard your comments, made some changes, and think you will be really happy to see what he have in store for 2018.