New Fly Fishing Books

  • Smallmouth: Modern Fly-Fishing Methods, Tactics, and Techniques by Dave Karczynski and Tim Landwehr is a great guide for anglers targeting smallmouth bass across the country. The book includes fly patterns, smallmouth biology and behavior, tips from experienced guides, and interviews with Mike Schultz, Lefty Kreh, Chuck Kraft, and Larry Dahlberg. Forword by Dave Whitlock. Stackpole Books [Paperback], (October 1, 2017).
  • Essential Trout Flies: 50 Indispensable Patterns with Step-by-Step Instructions for 300 Most Useful Variations by Dave Hughes is a collection of 50 proven patterns every trout angler should have with them on the water. Hughes “cuts through the complicated choices and gives a basic selection of essential trout flies that fit in a fly box or two and cover the broad spectrum of trout fishing conditions.” Stackpole Books; 2 edition [Paperback], (October 20, 2017).
  • So You Want To Flyfish?: It’s Not as Hard as You Think! by Mark D. Williams and W. Chad McPhail is a great guide for beginners getting into the sport. The book is “complete with color photographs that reinforce the techniques for both beginning and intermediate anglers. The book is designed to get the new angler on the water, but keep providing instruction through their learning curve.” Frederick Fell Publishers, Inc. [Paperback], (September 3, 2017).
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  • guyAtHockeyBiasDotCom

    Nice! I was looking for gift ideas…

  • Steve Root

    I highly recommend “Samllmouth: Modern Fly Fishing Methods, Tactics, and Techniques”. This book is heavy on facts and details, and is cleverly organized in it’s presentation. This is one I’ll be reading several times this winter, just in case I missed something.