Tippets: Hybridization of Western Trout, Save the Salmon of Puget Sound, Targeting Dams for Removal

  • Hybridization has become more prevalent between fish species in the U.S. West. A new study from the U.S. Geological Survey and partners examines what that means for native trout. “These interactions are being enhanced by legacy introductions and climate change, and pose a serious threat to the biodiversity of Rocky Mountain aquatic ecosystems.” Via USGS.
  • Cooke Aquaculture has proposed a plan for Atlantic salmon net pen production in Puget Sound, threatening the health of wild salmon. “California, Oregon, and Alaska have all banned Atlantic salmon net pens to protect the health of their salmon and waters,” and you can help petition Governor Jay Inslee of Washington to do the same.
  • From gathering data and examining maps via Google Earth, to finally putting boots on the ground, identifying dams for removal is a complicated process. Matt Miller writes about how conservationists target locations via Cool Green Science, The Nature Conservancy.
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