Tippets: Restoring the Greenback, Big Fish and Small Flies, Logging in the Tongass

  • Kyle Perkins writes about the restoration of greenback cutthroat trout to Zimmerman Lake in Colorado. Accompanied with great photos, you can read the post via The Greenbacks website of Trout Unlimited.
  • Contrary to popular belief, big fish don’t always take big flies. Louis Cahill looks back at some of his best fish and what it took to catch them, in a recent post on Gink & Gasoline.
  • Disheartening news came for anglers this week when the U.S. Forest Service issued a logging contract for old-growth timber sale on Prince of Wales Island in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest. “The Forest Service needs a new business model for the Tongass,” writes Paula Dobbyn in a recent article. “The agency needs to start investing in growth industries like fishing and tourism by supporting stream restoration and visitor services.” Read more via Trout Unlimited.
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  • phil vieth

    I have spent a few months on Prince of Williams island fishing for salmon. I am also a forester. One thing I noticed is the amount of reproduction that comes in after logging. This reproduction is great for regenerating these mountainsides.Granted, there are some problems with logging but I hate to see the picture painted all black about logging. This is extremely rugged country so any logging is going to be destructive. It isn’t the timber cutting but the road system that needs to be put in that causes most of the long term destruction. Im guessing that the forest service is aware of this and hopefully does what is needed to eleviate any erosion in the long term.