Tippets: Yeti’s Father’s Day Giveaway, Dry & Dropper Rigging, Mining Threat

  • Along with great partners such as Sage and RIO, Yeti has put together the “mother” of all Father’s Day giveaways. Head to the Yeti website for your chance to win your dad the gear he has always wanted. Contest ends June 6th.
  • Cliff Weisse of Three Rivers Ranch suggests a new way to rig dries and droppers. Instead of the bend of the first hook, try tying the dropper tippet through the eye of the front hook and you’ll avoid snagging and de-hooking problems. Via Orvis.
  • A proposed mine just 19 miles from the Alaska border on Sulphurets Creek, a major tributary of the Unuk River and one of the top salmon producing rivers in Southeast Alaska, would present huge threats to the ecosystem.
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  • This is cool! Let’s get it going!

  • mike miller

    I will have to try that. I think leaving the tag longer would be easery with #18 and smaller.

  • Nymphermaniac

    This works when high-sticking, or bobber (indicator) fishing. You get too many tangles when casting much distance. I have hooked myself more times on the smaller fly than losing fish to it hanging up on something else.

    • sonatona10

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