Quick Tip: Albolene Makeup Remover As Cost-Effective Fly Floatant

alboleneDo you use “silicon type” dry fly dressing on a regular basis? Do you often run out at the wrong time? If you answered yes to those questions or you’re simply the thrifty type and have the space in your fishing bag or on your boat, you might want to consider using a makeup-removing product called Albolene.

Guide Mark Elliot from Missoula, Montana showed me this trick recently on a long trip on the Clark Fork River.  When I asked him what was in the tape wrapped bucket wedged into his rowing seat he simply said, “Albolene.”  I said, “What?!” He proceeded to cover my gaudy dry fly in the stuff, which worked brilliantly for the next hour or so. You can get 12 ounces of Albolene for $10.99 at Walgreens. You’re welcome.

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  • zedd

    been using this stuff for years. works great and is cheap

  • Merrill

    Not only does albolene work as silicon floatant but Fletch Dry works exactly like dry shakes. Buy a 10 year supply at hunting stores for $15. Just top off your favorite shaker bottle with the powder and you’re good to go. Be careful when putting it in. It is VERY easy to spill. I’ve been topping off the same plastic bottle for five years. Keep the silicon crystals
    That came with the bottle

  • Paul Arnold

    Albolene works right out of the jar as a salve-like solid. Another way of applying it is to mix with lighter fluid (until the Albolene is sufficiently liquid) and dip your flies into it in sufficient time for the solution to dry before use. The late Al Troth, designer of the Elk Hair Caddis and professional fly tyer, followed this procedure with his production-tied dries before delivery. Since As lived in Dillon, Montana, it is possible that the guide mentioned in the article, Mark Elliot of Missoula, learned about Albolene from Al.