Video Hatch: “All Fishermen are Liars”

In anticipation of his upcoming book of the same title, this film short features life advice from John Gierach: if you want to go fishing, go fishing.

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  • rarf raider

    I want a T-shirt that quotes every single word uttered in this video

  • John James

    Preach it brother

  • Al

    With all due respect to John Gierach, this advice is bullshit because it’s fucking selfish. Some may discover and decide to follow their passion early on so they are able to make a living and support their families with it. But what are the rest of us supposed to do, quit our jobs and make it hard for our families so we can follow our passion? As mush as I’d like to be out fishing every day, I’d much rather keep my career and family, fish on the weekends around where I live and take a couple fishing trips a year. When I get older and the work slows down or I retire I’ll do more of it. I’ll be happy that I was able to provide for my family and enjoy my passion at the same time.

  • TBird

    What is in that pipe he always has ?

  • sparse

    Love John’s books-but this is just self absorbed horsefeathers, and insulting to many of us.People make choices-family, kids and/or fishing. John made the right choice for him. Raising my family (which involved long hours on hard work away from play) was the choice for me. Do I wish I had been able to fish more- you bet. Did I make the right choice for my family-you bet. Do I need to hear sanctimonious horsefeathers from the self absorbed- maybe not. John’s a good writer, and has offered fine reflections on the sport. His pov in this case is little to narrowly drawn to justify his own existence. I expect better from him……
    I happy for him that his avocation and vocation could be combined. Not many of us have been so lucky, but maybe he need to stick a sock in it.

  • jim avelis

    I own all of his books, all dog-eared except the one on my Kindle. His life is just right for him.John also “said” that the secret to success is managing our expectations. I expect I’m supposed to honor my promises to my wife and family, and fish when I can. So far, so good. His life is just right for him, MIne is just right for me.

  • B.J. Moose

    Really? How can you argue with John’s musings about how he spends his life. Sounds exactly right to me. Make a choice and own it. Don’t whine about it. Life is what you make of it. Now; the boat is hitched up, my friend will be here in a few minutes and I’m going fishing.

  • Whitefish

    We wouldn’t have a reason to read his stuff if we followed that advice, relegating it to a lame sort of rhetoric. Decided I don’t care what his agenda is. He’s a good writer otherwise and I enjoy the perspective he brings…which comes from fishing a whole lot more than me.