Marines and Fly Tying

The first annual Fly Tying Marathon sponsored by the Quantico and Fort Belvoir Project Healing Waters programs will be held February 22 at the National Museum of the Marine Corps from 9 AM to 5 PM. The event is expected to bring in 150 guest tiers, who will then donate their patters to Project Healing Waters programs nationwide.

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Marines and Fly Tying by Beau Beasley

On February 22, the Project Healing Waters-Quantico and Fort Belvoir programs will sponsor the first annual Fly Tying Marathon at the National Museum of the Marine Corps from 9 AM to 5 PM. The event is the brainchild of Chris “Sasquatch” Thompson, an avid fly angler and former Marine sniper. Thompson’s idea was to invite several fly tyers from the area to tie various patterns, which will then be donated to other programs across the country at no charge. “We have a very active program here at Quantico and at Fort Belvoir. We have lots of volunteers and broad support since we’re so close to the nation’s capital. Other programs aren’t so fortunate, so I thought it would be a good idea to help them out by donating patterns to other programs throughout the country that need a little help to get on their feet.”

Thompson and his fellow veterans originally offered up 75 spots for guest tyers to participate, but the slots were filled within days. To accommodate demand, the time slots were broken down into four-hour blocks. As a result, 150 time slots are available, but since some tyers will be tying for the full eight hours, it is expected that all 150 slots will be filled. If you’re a fly tyer who would like to participate, slots might still be available. Tyers need not be veterans to participate in the Fly Tying Marathon.

The event will take place at the breathtaking National Museum of the Marine Corps, which is donating space to support the event. The museum focuses on the history of the Marine Corps from its inception in 1775 to modern times, with depictions of basic training and the challenges of modern combat and military life. Visitors will see helicopters and combat planes, listen to recordings of Marines’ real stories, and experience simulations of combat. From the famous quotes of Marine Corps leaders inscribed on the walls to the interpretive film to the historic gear, visitors will never forget the National Museum of the Marine Corps.

To register for the Fly Tying Marathon or to learn more, contact Chris Thompson at (540) 287-6486 or e-mail To learn more about supporting Project Healing Waters or to start a program near you, please call (866) 251-7252.

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