Video: Hobie Pro Angler 12 Fishing Kayak

Fishing Product Manager Morgan Promnitz for Hobie shows off the Hobie Pro Angler 12 fishing kayak. This isn’t your granddad’s fishing kayak! Standard features like the foot pedal mirage drive, luxurious adjustable seating, dry storage, grip pads for casting, etc. are pretty over the top for a kayak.  The add-ons are even more amazing. The boat comes Lowrance-fish-finder ready, as well as with the option to put a mini power pole and live well on board. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Head over to to see what else you can do.

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  • M.A. Hughes

    That is one incredible fishing machine. Versatile for any and all types of anglers and situations. Great job Hobie!

  • hydrocynus

    Thanks for the video. I feel like this is no longer a kayak: it is a barge/boat which is very heavy and hardly cart toppable. Not sure how it would do in windy conditions as it has a lot of wind drag. I understand that it is moved with peddle fins though. Too much hardware on the deck too that can catch a line too. I would stick to my seatless slick Heritage marquesa. The price is also likely prohibitive for a kayak.

  • Bruce

    This is a Fishing Platform that draws 3-6 inches of water, handles current very well (when peddling). I stow 3-4 9′ Fly Rods for almost every trip out, with way too many flies, along with the other items we all take along. I have the 14′ model (with no add-ons) and stand, fly fish (with stripping bucket) a lot. Peddling for distance is best sitting (legs are stronger than arms), but can peddle with hands for short distance (while standing), Boat is Super Stable. Yes, it’s Heavy (get the wheels), and does catch some wind. Typically I will “setup for a drift” thru the area that I want to fish until I “Hone In” the spot then anchor. I have gone to a SUP Paddle for most of my Paddling so I may stand most of the time. Price is High, but I use mine 40-50 times a year and am very happy with it. Everyone has their own preferences but I like the options I get with this Hobie.

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