Video Hatch: “Fly Fishing for Alpine Trout – Taurach Vol. III”

This film short is a brilliant tour through the Austrian high country, including footage of its beautiful trout.

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  • Nymphermaniac

    Great film. Very well done. Gook luck to anyone wanting to fish in Austria or Germany. You wouldn’t believe the difficulty in doing that. The easiest way: Buy a piece of property on the stream you want to fish and make sure the deed includes the fishing rights. lol.

    • Catch, Snap, & Release

      Why is it so difficult?

      • Nymphermaniac

        If you own property on the stream, the fishing rights to that stretch are usually included in the deed. You will have to get permission or buy a permit from the landower to fish that property.for the day. Or you could join a fishing club which leases the rights to that stretch of river. I talked to one, which which leases about 1/2 mile of stream and charges 3,000 euros per year. You have to go to a 40 hr. school to get a German fishing license at a cost 300 euros +. We are SO fortunate here in the U.S. Enjoy it here while you still can.