Podcast Interview: Andrew Bennett Talks Eddie Bauer

Andrew Bennett help Eddie Bauer create their new line of Fly Fishing gear

Andrew Bennett helped Eddie Bauer create their new line of fly fishing gear.

Fly fishing industry veteran Andrew Bennett talks to MidCurrent about consulting for the venerable brand Eddie Bauer on their new “Sport Shop” line of fly fishing gear that’s slated for unveiling for the spring of 2014.  He talks about the full line and what role their longstanding history with the sport played in creating the new products.

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  • j

    sounds like you may have put the wrong file up

  • Bruce

    What a fascinating interview ! Given the long history of ownership changes, bankruptcies, and product changes there’s nothing left of the original Eddie Bauer company except the name. Can’t wait ’till Abercrombie and Fitch comes out with their hunting and fishing gear. Why not just say that the new owners of the “Eddie Bauer Name” are getting into the fly fishing business.

    • chris

      lighten up Francis….

    • Andrew Bennett

      Hey Bruce, thanks a lot for taking the time to check it out. Eddie Bauer’s long-term history in angling is pretty cool, but at the end of the day it’s all about product, and I think the product will speak for itself.

  • Kirk Werner

    It’s good to see EB slowly and at least partially getting back on the tracks laid by its founder. My first rod was an Eddie Bauer pack rod that I was given in the early 70’s—lost it about 10 years ago (sigh). And I have the same shirt Andrew is sporting in the photo above, which could prove awkward if we ever bump into each other on the water some day while both wearing it. Eager to see the new product line, in addition to the wrinkle-free khakis I’ve come to count on.

    • Andrew Bennett

      Oh my gosh Kirk, I’d be mortified! That’s almost as bad as stepping into the same run with the same Skagit head.

  • Nick

    Is there any way a link for this can be created on/in iTunes so it can be downloaded onto my iphone/ipod?

    • Hey Nick, we are working on iTunes deployment. Thanks for asking.

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  • Okieflier

    Will EB come out with fly fishing equipment such as rods/reels/creels similar to LL Bean?