Tippets: Fly vs. Lure, Asian Carp in Great Lakes Tributary, Eddie Bauer Returning to Roots

  • Where is the line when a fly becomes a lure? For each angler it might be different, but Henry Cowen reflects on the issue of traditionalists and new pattern development on Fly Fishing in Salt Waters.
  • It has now been confirmed that Asian carp are naturally reproducing in a tributary of the Great Lakes. Lisa Borre takes a look at the fight to slow their spread, which could be devastating to fisheries and native species. Via National Geographic.
  • Kirk Deeter reports that retailer Eddie Bauer will be entering the fly fishing market in 2014. “Truth is that this is a return to the company’s roots.” Via Fly Talk.
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  • Mike Miller

    True fly fishing is using not only a fly rod but also a hook dressed with natural and or man made materials single hook to imitate the different life stages of bugs. Anything to do with spinning or bait fishing has nothing to do with fly fishing.

  • aVAflyguy

    God bless the fly fishing police! “Purists” are free to fish as they please, and I’m free to not be a true fly fisherman for using what works. If you go to roots of fly fishing, they used the available materials that caught fish, so who is the real purist?