Virginia Sportsmen May Decide Governor

In Virginia’s King George County, hunters and anglers are at the heart of an upcoming gubernatorial election between Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe, an election that will impact conservation and access issues in the years to come. Investigative writer Beau Beasley reports on the issues at stake and describes how sportsmen could decide Virginia’s next governor in The Potomac Local News.

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  • tom

    Disappointed to see this article on Midcurrent. It seems to have nothing to do with conservation and everything to do with painting the conservative candidate as an outdoors man / conservationist. Yet there are no policy positions. Basically a “ra-ra” piece for the right. The article seems out of place for a website actually interested in conservation.

    • Beau Beasley

      Tom, first thanks for taking the time to comment on my article and weighing in an important issue. If more sportsmen were engaged like you, we’d be much better off as a whole. Now to your point. While it is true the article may not “seem like” a conservation piece, the truth is hunters and anglers in the state of Virginia and sportsmen around the country are profoundly involved in funding conservation projects all over the county. The excise tax and license fees paid by sportsmen and funds generated through their excursions have a major impact on the economy. Please reread the article and see where I state just how much money is spent in the state each year by sportsmen. In my home state of Virginia ALL the funds for the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fishers are paid for by you guessed it……hunting and fishing licenses so they are a major stakeholders in funding the biological studies and efforts to manage not only terrestrial wildlife, but fisheries as well. As to your point of this merely being a “ra-ra” fest for the right, I can’t help it that I was invited to a sportsmen’s event lead by Republican candidates, I would have most certainly been glad to attend a similar event sponsored by Democrats. My job is to find facts and cover them for sportsmen, not take a side. I leave it to well informed readers caring readers like you to make up your own minds. Lastly, I did contact the McAuliffe campaign three separate times in writing asking them to weigh in and give their perspective, I regret they felt my readership was not important enough to engage with. Incidentally I just finished posting another response to this exact article where I was labeled “a liberal” for my coverage of the issue. In the writing world it is generally thought of as a good thing is “both sides” complain about the coverage. It means both voices are being heard impartially and bringing all parties concerns to the table. This is something I have staked my reputation on and I will continue to do. Caring readers like you need to be respected by giving you all sides of an issue and letting you decide what you think, not do your thinking for you. Thanks again Tom, I very much appreciate your input and the excellent coverage Mid-Current gives its readership each and every week.