The Wild vs. Native Debate

In a wild vs. native debate series on Chi Wulff, Quinn Grover takes on the subject of stocked trout, also known as “planters,” and their place (if any) in a wild trout stream. “If fishing is a sport, a lot of fishermen consider hatchery trout to be the minor leagues,” Grover writes. However, as with anything, the subject isn’t as simple as it first appears.

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  • Fred Rickson

    Please don’t forget that 40-60K rainbow are put into the Madison River system (Hebgen Lake) by Montana, each year. You would be amazed at the number of “wild trout only” license plates that can be seen in West Yellowstone each Summer. The Park gets these fish all year…..and we all enjoy.

  • Quinn Grover

    Hey Erin, thanks for the pub.

  • Justin Hall

    Trout are trout to me I’m just happy there are fish.