Video Hatch: “O Tarpon Perdido (The Lost Tarpon)”

This film short documents the only two tarpon catches in Europe and the persistence involved in catching them on the other side of the Atlantic. From BlueTail Films.

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  • normanduncan

    I see only one tarpon caught in Europe.

    • José Rodrigues

      Other one was caught in 1973 but no photo, only a replica in the Vasco da Gama Museum in Lisbon.

      • normanduncan

        Apparently a few tarpon catches have been reported in Ireland in the last couple of decades. My interest in this subject was generated when I wrote the “Michelangelo’s Tarpon” article for Midcurrent. Lately, I have been trying to get it translated into the languages of the cultures cited in the article.

  • JasonMerenda

    That was cool to see. I have never heard of anyone targeting north of Africa. If that was shot in Portugual there were a decent number of fish.