Video: The Right Way to Wear a Sling Pack

There are a number of fishing companies out there that are making “sling packs” for fly fishing. The problem I’ve noticed is that for a first-time user they can be a bit confusing to put on correctly, no matter the brand.

As product developer at the Orvis company, Shawn “Diddy” Combs has seen them worn every way possible. In this video, he shows us a few ways not to put on the Orvis Guide Sling, as well as a way to do it properly every time.

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  • ross slayton

    Why do you want all that weight on your casting shoulder? I use a sling and prefer a universal that allows me to put the packs weight on my left shoulder. Pretty much a no brainer if you ask me.

    • ken

      100% agreed with you. I’m looking for a sling pack for left shoulder but can’t find a good one.

      • JD

        The smaller Orvis sling pack will work just fine over the left shoulder, that’s the way I prefer to wear mine.

  • adam

    I really like my patagonia stealth sling pack. I doubt it goes on the left shoulder though.

  • stoneman

    yea, but the orvis pack comes with a second strap. what’s that for?

    • Mort

      Sternum strap stabilizes the pack. Stops it from shifting as you move around.