Video Hatch: “You Can’t Catch Pike with a Fly Rod”

Proving the skeptics wrong, Jake Forsline chases pike on the fly and has put together a film short of great footage of explosive takes and, as he says, bad intentions. Via Colorado Trout Devotee.

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  • rarf raider

    love fishing for these guys – even the small ones are all fireworks

  • el Gordito

    I know this guy is young and can’t die but if he’s going to fish for a pike that might run 30+ pounds while standing up in a kayak he ought to have on a PFD or SOSpenders. Every year in Maine the Warden service dive team retrieves a boater or fisherman who fell into 40 – 50 degree water while not wearing a PFD. This video looks like it was in late Fall and the water was cold.