Tippets: Redfishing Spots, Catch & Release Fail, Mangroves for Bonefish

  • An increasingly popular target for flyrodders, redfish are an interesting challenge for those unfamiliar with the fish’s habits. In a recent article on Fly Fisherman, John Kuminski  explains when and where to go for your best odds of success.
  • While having the best of intentions, this angler attempts catch-and-release but misses one integral part: removing the hook and retaining the rod. Watch the video on Field & Stream.
  • A restoration effort in the Bonefish Pond National Park in the Bahamas is already paying off, with fish appearing in newly opened waterways and mangroves planted for the future.
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  • mike zimmer

    Last year during the Fall, I caught a 40 lb. Black Drum on a 4 wt. Browning fly rod, at night, fishing from the bank, with a locally made fly I paid $1.50 for. While trying to wrangle the big fish in the reel broke and my left hand became the drag. After about 45 minutes my brothers managed to net the fish, we took pictures and a video, and then released. According to Browning the rod was 25 years old.
    This was in Big Lake (Lake Calcasieu) south of Lake Charles, LA., one of the places mentioned in the article above and one of the wildest and most productive fishing spots in America.