Tippets: Selecting Elk Hair, Liz Cheney License Scandal, “Sinker” Wood

  • Good deer and elk hair can be hard to work with, and even harder to find. Check out five great tips from Clark Pierce at Fly Fish Food on what to look for in selection.
  • In a misstep that is speculated could cause her loss of the senate race, it has recently been revealed that Liz Cheney lied on her fishing license about length of residence. “In a state where being a resident sportsman is, by law, an earned privilege,” says Republican strategist Liz Brimmer, “Wyoming people will take this very seriously.”
  • While most people head to the river to sink lines for fish, Louis Marcell and Adam Jones search for “sinker wood” in South Carolina’s Ashley River. The old growth finds are then turned into unique and historic furniture. Via NPR.
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  • mpzimmer

    Taking into consideration the source of the “Cheney scandal,” Salon.com, a very far left liberal, muck racking operation, I take the facts with some skepticism. But, if she indeed lied on her application, whether it be a fishing license or not, she should not be qualified to run for senate, if those are the rules.
    Fishing, hunting, conservationism, and the overall health of the environment and our natural resources is more attributable to the “conservative” flow of money in the form of licenses, permits, leasing of lands, guiding, lodging, and sports related spending in general, than can be attributed to the far left socialists by any measure taken.
    The Cheneys are great Americans. I take pride in the fact that Mr. Cheney, while working in the Bush Administration, threatened to whip another politicians ass when said coward made unkind comments about his daughters life style choice. He reminds me of one of my favorite politicians, Theodore Roosevelt, in his mannerisms. Go Cheneys.

  • Jon

    A typical knee-jerk reaction from someone who apparently doesn’t know how to read and understand news items unless they are spoon fed to them by Fox News. This story wasn’t broken by salon.com, they were simply including on their blog a report about the story which was broken (as the article states) by the Casper Star-Tribune. I doubt that they could be considered a “liberal, muck racking [sic] operation.” Try reading a bit more in depth before spinning commie conspiracy theories, eh?

    • Garito