An Alternative Quick and Easy Way to Tie on a Fly

I’ve been fishing with my friend Kelly Ehret for many years now, but until recently had never seen this trick he uses. Apparently he’s been doing it for quite some time. It’s simply another way to tie on a fly. And it is fast.

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  • aw#5

    this one-minute gem gets my vote for most important fly fishing video ever

    the fact that you’ve (presumably) done this on-stream with others watching you and that it HASN’T caught on like wildfire is beyond me

  • lindabf

    I wish this had been shown close up

  • caddis55

    Quick and easy, but what about wetting your line before snugging up? Careful you don’t poke your eye with the forceps. I would dunk the fly and forceps in the water.

  • opie

    you dont really need foreceps to do this. just hold the fly, pinch the tippet and spin the fly. then put the tippet through the hole, lick, pull tight leaving as little waste as you can.

  • Les Bouck

    An old trick, though I do it 7 times and usually wet the line to avoid friction (which will compromise tippet strength integrity). If you don’t have (dropped?) your forceps, you can use the index finger of your dominate hand in the loop to make the twists…

  • syr62

    Nice !

  • puma

    I’ve been tying on my flies like this for year, however i use my two fingers, index and middle finger, inserted in the loop, instead of the hemostat. It’s simple, fast and secure. Put the fly on the line, place fingers in loop, spin your fingers with the fly about 8 times, grab hold of the tag and pull it through the loop. No Tool. Tippet is cheep so don’t scimp on the tag end or the loop.

  • puma

    Jan this isn’t exactly like the Penny, but very close. This not is just spun about tag end and standing line. It eliminates one step. I’ve used the Penny as well and it is truly an excellent knot.