Petition to Stop the Spearing of Tarpon

The Gulf of Mexico is a hot spot for chasing tarpon on the fly, but also for the still-legal activity of spearing these fish.  These migratory fish are essential to not only the ecosystem but to the economy of the Gulf States, and Fly Life Magazine has recently kicked off a petition to ask that tarpon be protected in federal waters. Help in asking state and federal fisheries management commissions to do the right thing.

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  • normanduncan

    Thankx Marshall for your help in spreading the word to all tarpon followers. Let’s keep them rolling! Do the right thing!


    don’t understand the joy people must get by killing a beautiful fish just for the fun of it

  • fredrickson

    There is no story here….who, why, where? Anything else to tell us? The Gulf of Mexico is a big place. Thanks.