Video: Demystifying Double-Handed Lines

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to South America and fished the fabled Rio Grande River for sea-run brown trout from the comfort of Kau Tapen lodge with friend Oliver White. We fished mostly two-handed rods with a number of different line set-ups.

Oliver, while very humble, has seen and done it all in the fly fishing world. He owns a couple of lodges in the Bahamas and knows a thing or two about gear. We got to talking one night about how confusing the two handed line thing has become for new spey and switch anglers and he basically set me straight. It boils down to three different types.  It’s that easy. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

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  • Lisa Cutter

    Concise and to the point! Thanks

  • OK! Finally! Someone does the 25 words or less explanation. but within the grain window where does one go? Buelah does 25 grain increments and the grain window on my 5 wt switch rod is 250-350. Thing is I don’t have $400- $600 to spend on a head for my rod! When are the manufactures going to figure out a way to get people some kind of rental program so they can dial in their shooting heads without selling their firstborn or mortgaging their house?