Podcast Interview: Kevin Best of Nomad Nets

Kevin Best, inventor of Nomad Nets

Kevin Best, inventor of Nomad Nets, talks to MidCurrent about why he choose to create what he calls a “superior net” made out of a carbon fiber composite, rather than traditional wood.

In talking to Kevin during the lead-up to the interview he told me a story about the tipping point—the day that he knew he wanted to create a net that would change how all nets were made in the future.

“The first time I really had the idea to make composite nets I was walking along the Roaring Fork with a buddy—he had a new wooden long-handled net with him. On our final approach to the river he lost his footing and did a heel slide down a bank, his net got caught on some branches and it broke. The idea was fully cemented on a trip to ‘The Mile.’ I sat down to fix my setup and heard my net crack under me. I was lucky enough to be working in the sporting goods industry and knew that a composite frame would have made it through both of these clumsy mishaps. I wanted to make a durable tool for fly-fishermen that would save people some money over the lifetime of the product.”

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